Gluten-free Chocolate O’s sandwich cookies get the Schär treatment

Schär Gluten-Free Chocolate O's
Schär Gluten-Free Chocolate O’s

Product: Schär Gluten-Free Chocolate O’s – $4.89+


It has been forever since I’ve had an Oreo.  Going gluten-free takes simple pleasures like a simple sandwich cookie and sometimes makes them…untouchable.  But…not with sandwich cookies.  Quite a few brands are actually out on the market.  Some are better than others.  But…that’s to be expected.

Another treat to myself when I was last in Minneapolis, Minnesota was these Gluten-Free Chocolate O’s, Schär’s version of the gluten-free sandwich cookie.  In every sense of the world…an Oreo.  Chocolate cookies with a vanilla cream center sandwiched between them.  I saw the box while at Cub Foods, and again, at the time, had yet to see that in my area.  Since then, they have been incorporated into at least a few of the natural foods stores that I frequent.  But, I’m just a little backed up on my cookie obsession in my gluten-free pantry.  I’m getting there!  So, naturally, since these were not available, at the time, in my region, I purchased them and carried them home with me.

Mmmm…sandwich cookies!

And, after all this time, they were next up in my gluten-free cookie backlog of epic proportions!  So, two days ago, I broke into this box and pulled out a serving of Schär’s Gluten-Free Chocolate O’s.  That, by the way, is 3 cookies.  Yes…THREE cookies.  Don’t get too excited though.  These are definitely not the size nor stuffed portion you would find in Oreo cookies.  These cookies are about the size of, or maybe slightly bigger (very slightly) than a quarter.  Yep.  One bite delight.  But, that’s the good part…they are at least delicious!

The chocolate biscuits that make up the cookie portion of these little bite-size cookies are a rich and have that crisp softness to it.  Sound contradictory?  Well, you won’t break your teeth biting into these, but they aren’t soft either.  They have just the right amount of crispness to them to make them taste like a cookie.  And the center…so delicious.  Not too sweet, but so reminiscent of the Oreo stuffing (just less of it), that it wowed me.  I was in sheer heaven, looking for a glass of almond milk to dunk these in for good measure.  Yes…they are truly amazing.  I loved them.   The chocolate is rich, but balanced by the cream in the middle.  Just delicious bite-sized cookie goodness.

While these cookies are wheat-free and gluten-free, they do contain milk and soy.  So be aware!  The chocolate cookie is simply made from sugar, palm oil, corn flour, cocoa powder, soy flour, milk powder, potato starch.  The filling is a blend of palm oil, milk powder, dextrose, sugar, lactose, soy lecithin, and natural vanilla flavor.

The three cookies in your serving will only set you back 170 calories and 8 grams of fat.  Not too shabby for sandwich cookies, I think.  The sodium is low (135 mg).  As for sugars, for sandwich cookies, 11 grams per serving isn’t bad.  And each serving does offer 3 grams of protein.  Keep in mind…these are sandwich cookies you are eating.  Indulge a little.  You can have broccoli tomorrow.

While these are not at the top of my list for gluten-free sandwich cookies, these were very delicious and I have enjoyed indulging my inner cookie monster with a these dunkable, sweet, bite-size treats.  Would I buy them again…sure.  Would they be the first ones I reached for?  Nope.  But they are definitely worth the money.

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