Crust perfection for vegan and gluten-free pizza at Annie May’s Sweet Café

Annie May's Sweet Café, Louisville, Kentucky
Annie May’s Sweet Café, Louisville, Kentucky

Restaurant: Annie May’s Sweet Café, Louisville, Kentucky

Okay…two posts in a row dedicated to Annie May’s Sweet Café in Louisville, Kentucky?  Overkill?  Never.  Why?  Because I go here often.  And there is a reason I continue to return weekend after weekend after weekend.  The food they bake up and cook up is worth the trip over the river.  It’s one sweet or savory indulgence…and even if it means I only get it on Saturday morning’s due to living on the Indiana side of the Ohio River…than so be it.  One day of treating myself is worth every moment in that cozy little bakery on Frankfort Avenue.

Normally on Saturday mornings, I get my long run or my race in and then my roommate and I hurry over for some amazing breakfast food at Annie May’s Sweet Café.  I am truly addicted to their allergen-free donuts and their allergen-free and vegan breakfast sandwich.  Seriously.  It might be borderline unhealthy obsession…but I constantly am talking about breakfast at Annie May’s before the weekend even hits.  I guess that speaks highly of their breakfast service…so if you haven’t been in there for breakfast…get over there this Saturday.  I mean it.

But…this past Saturday we opted to do something…different.  And it completely threw off Annie May and Kenna at the shop.  But, they were more than happy to accommodate the change, of course.  We actually arrive shortly after 11 a.m., instead of our usual 9:30 a.m. time.  Why?  Well, I ran in the Papa John’s 10 Miler that morning and clocked a fantastic time.  Afterwards, instead of heading right to Annie May’s for breakfast, we did a little browsing at Half Price Books to kill off some time.  The reason?  Gluten-free pizza.

Yes, for their lunch portion of the fare offered on Saturday’s at Annie May’s…they cook up individual gluten-free and vegan pizzas.  With a variety of offered toppings.  As we had grown so accustomed to their baked goods and their breakfasts…Cathy and I chose to hit up the lunch service and see what the pizza was like.  Now, I had my usual pre-race fuel of a gluten-free pizza at The Mellow Mushroom the night before…but we were totally getting different toppings and I was quite curious to see what the pizza crust was like here.  They actually sell frozen pizza crusts at the shop, by the way.

So, we placed our order for one of the 9-inch gluten-free pizzas with vegan cheese ($9.99),  and added tomato and onion for our toppings ($0.50 each).  Kenna went ahead to get working on it and Cathy and I took a seat and anticipated our lunch.  We were both rather hungry at that point, having eaten breakfast long before my race, and splitting a banana afterwards to just get us through to when we could get to the café and order lunch.  For the pizza at Annie May’s…you can get a half (3 slices) or a full 9-inch pizza (6 slices).  As we were splitting the pizza, we got the full one as we knew it would be just enough.  We were right.

The pizza arrived after a short wait and I set to taking pictures for the blog while Cathy anticipated that first slice.  With the photos taken, I dished us each up a slice and we dug in.

First of all…I love that for the onion they used red onion.  It is my favorite onion, by far, and it works so well on pizza.  The tomatoes were nicely diced and scattered over the top.  The tomato sauce was light and flavorful, seasoned very well.  And they use Daiya cheese, which I am a huge fan of, when it comes to vegan cheese.  It melts to perfection and it totally complimented the rest of the toppings on this pizza.  But the true star of any gluten-free pizza is the crust.  So often gluten-free pizzas get relegated to that thin, cracker crust.  The type that is immediately crunchy coming out of the oven.  There is little to it.  And it often can’t stand the weight of the toppings.  I’ve eaten my fair share of cracker crust gluten-free pizzas.  And that crust is okay…but it’s not…the pizza crust I remember.

At Annie May’s Sweet Café, you get an actual pizza crust.  I mean, it’s no deep dish…but that’s good.  I don’t like deep dish.  But you get an actual crust.  A fluffy, actual pizza crust that you can slice of bite into and actually feel like you’re eating a real pizza.  It was such a nice change of pace from the norm of eating gluten-free pizza out.  I was so thrilled.  And everything about it just made my lunch that much more satisfying.  It was golden brown, baked to perfection.  The toppings were warm and the vegan cheese was melty, gooey, good.  Cathy and I made very short work out of our 3 slices each.

And we loved, and yes, savored, every bite!

And we split one of their chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Because I love those cookies.  So.  Much.

This is how gluten-free pizza is done properly.  Totally impressed.  Maybe when the summer hours kick back in at Annie May’s my pre-race Friday pizza will be enjoyed there more often.  So glad we decided to give the pizza a try because I was beyond impressed.

Whether it’s for baked goods, specialty cakes, breakfast, lunch (served throughout the week), or pizza on Saturday…stop in to Annie May’s Sweet Café and treat yourself to some gluten-free and even some allergen-free treats and meals that will blow you away.  Anyone who says gluten-free is tasteless obviously has been dining and eating at the wrong place.  Annie May’s Sweet Café hits all the right flavor notes and makes everything to perfection.  Delicious perfection.

Annie May's Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizza with Daiya Cheese, Tomato, and Red Onion
Annie May’s Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizza with Daiya Cheese, Tomato, and Red Onion

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