Not just waffles anymore – Van’s Natural Foods dishes up delicious Cinnamon Heaven cereal

Van's Natural Foods Gluten-Free Cinnamon Heaven Cereal
Van’s Natural Foods Gluten-Free Cinnamon Heaven Cereal

Product: Van’s Natural Foods Gluten-Free Cinnamon Heaven Cereal – $5.49+

When I heard the brand name, Van’s Natural Foods, or just Van’s…I’ve always thought of one thing.  Breakfast.  Van’s actually delivered the first stunning gluten-free waffle to my breakfast plate back when I just went gluten-free.  I had tried another brand prior…and it was mushy and just…not what I was looking for in a waffle.  The moment I had one of Van’s gluten-free waffles…I was hooked.

Even my friend, Jenn, who doesn’t have to eat gluten-free, prefers Van’s gluten-free waffles to other brands such as Eggo.  That speaks very highly of quality, don’t you think?

Recently, however, it seems Van’s is delving into a little more of the breakfast food market.  While at my favorite grocery store, searching for a gluten-free cereal to have for breakfast, the top shelf boasted boxes of Van’s gluten-free cereals.

HELLO!  What is this?

There were two different varieties: Cinnamon Heaven and Honey Nut Crunch.

I currently was working on a cereal that had a strong honey flavor in it, so I opted for the Cinnamon Heaven cereal.

I think secretly I was longing for it to be reminiscent of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal my sister claimed as one of her favorite cereals growing up.  We had it often.  And yeah…nothing quite beats a dose of cinnamon and sugar over little cereal puffs in the morning.  It’s true.  My sister was really onto something there.

Well, this morning marked the big occasion.  I had just used up my last gluten-free cereal (which was…just meh…so, it won’t make it into my pantry again), so the Van’s Natural Foods Gluten-Free Cinnamon Heaven was up.  Spotlight on.  Moment of truth.

I dished up a serving (yes…I actually do measure out serving sizes!) and grabbed a couple extra…just to taste on their own…before I poured any of my unsweetened almond milk over it.  Oh.  My.  Cinnagoodness.

So, the fact is…they taste nothing like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  So those childhood fantasies were immediately quashed.  HOWEVER…let me finish…this is not to say that I was in the least disappointed by the cereal I had just eaten.  The opposite is actually true.  I was impressed.

First of all, this cereal is very light.  It’s not heavy like I remember the little toasties in Cinnamon Toast Crunch being.  These are little puffs of whole grain cereal.  In fact, this cereal boasts five whole grains.  Each one is lightly, very lighty, dusted and sweetened with real cinnamon.  Did you see that key word there?  REAL cinnamon.  And what results is a light, sweet, fantastic tasting cereal that makes you feel like a kid again, but has you eating like a responsible adult.  But this isn’t to say your little kiddliewinks wouldn’t love it as well.  The hint of cinnamon is what makes it.  You aren’t overwhelmed by it.  So, you still get to taste the cereal, without it being masked behind a lot of sugar or additives.

With that mention, let me also say this about Van’s Cinnamon Heaven cereal.  Not only is this product gluten-free, but it is certfied kosher, completely dairy-free, corn-free, all natural, low in sodium, high in fiber, contains no artificial colors of flavors, contains NO high fructose corn syrup, and contains a full serving of whole grains.  So, you’re eating well without pumping a lot of unknowns or chemicals into your body.

One of my favorite little things on this box was right on the ingredient panel.  Right after the bold word, INGREDIENTS, there is this addendum typed in parentheses that mad me smile and believe more in this company.  It simply reads: (That We Are Proud Of!).  Only ingredients that this company is proud of and backs goes into this cereal.  That being said, you will recognize everything on that panel.  And the list is short.  It includes Van’s gluten-free whole grain blend (which is oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa, and amaranth flours), cane sugar, oat fiber, inulin, invert cane sugar, non-GMO canola oil, cinnamon, and salt.  Simple.  Recognizable.  Trustworthy.

The fact of the matter is, this cereal is delicious.  It was love at first bite for me.  Light, yet filling.  And with 17 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of protein, it’s no wonder you’ll feel full after eating this cereal.  A serving size of 3/4 cup will only feed you 120 calories of your daily intake and 1 gram of fat.  How about that for starting your morning right?  With only 8 grams of sugar, you won’t feel bad about eating this cereal either.  It is more like breakfast than dessert.  I like that.  A serving will also dish up 2 grams of protein as well.  You can’t argue with this being a nutritious way to start your day.  But keep in mind, cereals like this are so versatile.  Throw it into your morning parfait, take it as a snack on-the-go, or eat it at midnight after a concert (cereal always tastes better at midnight!).

I really want to congratulate Van’s Natural Foods for this important, delicious, and healthy breakfast cereal.  I’m hooked.  I was hoping that I’d love it…but I ended up falling in love with it…at first taste.  And that, my dear friends, is how you can not only see and taste the quality of the product, but appreciate the quality of the company too.  I trust Van’s.  They brought me amazing gluten-free waffles.  Now, they not only fill my freezer, but my pantry too.

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