Low sugar, a hint of spice, and everything nice in KIND Bar’s Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar

KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Nuts & Spices Bar

KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Nuts & Spices Bar

Product: KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Nuts & Spices Bar – $1.99+

You know what’s awesome about KIND Bars?  How filling they are.  And a lot of that stems back to the ingredients that go into each bar.  Now, I’ve sampled a few of these, but a Groupon came over not too long ago and my coworker and I decided to split the difference and get it.  So, we ended up purchasing the KIND Cube, which included 16 bars…2 of a variety of flavors.

When it arrived, we each took our share and she began to sample a different one each day.  As I go to work with my snacks already planned, I decided to hang onto mine for important mornings…such as race mornings.

Today…was a race morning.

The Snowman Shuffle 4 Miler was running in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday morning, and after downing some cereal and a cup of coffee at home (along with some water for hydration), my roommate and I set out to hit Cherokee Park in time to find parking, get my packet, get stretched out, and get running.  But, with most race mornings, I normally find myself starving at the start or during it if I don’t eat something at least an hour beforehand.

As we arrived at the park, I was already tearing into the KIND Bar she chose to split that morning.  It was the Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar.  Very intriguing.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it…but none of the ingredients sounded offensive to my senses…so…I tore off the wrapper and had her take a picture of it (she needs to work on how close she puts the camera, LOL!).  And then, I broke it in half, gave her a share of it…and we headed toward packet pickup, happily noshing on the bar.

And we both agreed…YUMMMMMMMMY!

The Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar is actually more than just almonds…so if you are allergic to other nuts, but not almonds, be aware…this one actually has more than the name lets on.  In fact, the bar is composed of a blend of almonds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts, mixed with honey, non-GMO glucose, chicory root fiber, crisp rice, Madagascar vanilla, and soy lecithin.  Okay, so some of the ingredients don’t sound as appealing when listed out like that…but trust me…when they are all put together, KIND Bar magic happens.

The Madagascar Vanilla Almond Bar is part of KIND’s Nuts and Spices collection.  And here is the best part…it is a perfect balance of sweet and salty.  My biggest concern leading up to my first bite was that it was going to be way too sweet.  And something sweet is good…but doesn’t always sit right just before a race.  Thankfully, the vanilla didn’t overpower the bar itself.  It complimented the mix of nuts and crisp rice.  The honey helped bind it all together.  This bar wasn’t terribly sticky so nothing felt like it was catching in my teeth or getting my fingers too sticky to put my gloves back on.  It was really balanced and really, really delicious.

Nutritionally speaking, KIND Bar’s are a perfect way to go…especially for protein and the like.  In the Madagascar Vanilla Almond variety, the entire bar contains 210 calories and 16 grams of fat.  If that seems high, keep in mind that this fat is brought about by the nuts, so it is actually the healthy sort.  The sugar content in this bar is very low, sitting nicely at 4 grams.  And the protein is awesome, with this bar offering 7 grams of it.  Awesome.  With 15 mg of sodium, this makes for a healthy choice for breakfast or a snack.  And with 5 grams of fiber, it will keep you feeling full.

And…just eating half this bar about an hour before a very chilly run…I can attest that this is true.  I wasn’t hungry before or during the run at all.  My appetite only began to kick in after I ran, waited in the cold for awards, and finally hopped in the car to get brunch at my favorite allergen-free bakery.

KIND Nuts & Spices bars are part of a line of bars that are crafted from the highest quality of whole nuts and some of the best spices found in nature.  These bars are an indulgent treat, providing natural protein, fiber, and only 5 grams of sugar (or less) in each bar.  There is nothing artificial in any of these bars.  Even better, all of KIND’s products are gluten-free and produced in a certified, dedicated gluten-free facility.  Love that!

So…next time you are in need of a delicious, nutritious, filling snack that is portable and just as yummy as ever…reach for a KIND bar.  I highly recommend the salty-sweet taste of the Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar.  I would purchase this one again in a heartbeat.

KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Nuts & Spices Bar (unwrapped)

KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Nuts & Spices Bar (unwrapped)


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