The Really Great Food Company mixes up really great gluten-free Spinach Cheese Biscuits

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix

Product: The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix – $6.19+

You know…when a gluten-free company goes all out and calls itself The Really Great Food Company, well, they better be able to back up that claim.  That being said, I had never heard of said company prior to a little visit to Milwaukee and a stop inside the Gluten-Free Trading Company.  If you are ever in Milwaukee, do stop in.  It’s a completely gluten-free grocery store.  And it is awesome!!

Anyway, on my second visit there in two days, I was stocking up on more goodies for the gluten-free pantry at home and came across a few mixes that were produced by The Really Great Food Company.  Huh.  I was actually intrigued because this was something I couldn’t get where I lived.

After toiling over which product to try, my roommate and I finally decided that the Spinach and Cheese Biscuit mix sounded like it could be an epic win (or an epic fail), so we went with that.  Purchase made.  And a lot of products to go through in my pantry prior to this one meant…it sat…and sat…and sat.  Until last night.

You see…our workout schedule runs so that we go to the gym every other day.  Well, this week it just happens to be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday sort of week.  And after hitting up the gym, we head to our office and I nuke something I brought (homemade or otherwise) for us to feast on because by then we are truly starving.  Since this mix was getting close to expiration, this is what I mixed up and baked up for post-workout brekkies this week.

Now, the box itself says that it only makes 9 biscuits.  Heh.  I managed to get 13 out of it.  And as these are not made in traditional biscuit methods (not drop biscuits or cooked up in a pan), but rather made in muffin tins…they seem more like a roll than a biscuit…but this is just me nitpicking every little detail.

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix (mixed and prepped with cheese and spinach)

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix (mixed and prepped with cheese and spinach)

Making these was super easy.  In a bowl, I beat together 2 eggs, some canola oil, and some unsweetened almond milk.  From there, I the mix itself and beat that in as well.  Then, the spinach,  chopped cheddar cheese, and shredded Parmesan cheese all got folded into the mix.  The resulting mixture was then placed into muffin tins and baked in a 375°F oven for about 27 minutes.

Now, if possible, I do try to bake an extra item of the new product I am trying out…just in case it isn’t any good.  Because, after a hard workout, the last thing you want to find out is that your breakfast is nasty.  Not good.  That being said, I put it to the test, as always, with my roommate.  I gave her the 13th biscuit and eagerly awaited her reaction.

“Pretty good.”

Hmmm…pretty good is not what I strive for when I bake something up.  But she wasn’t spitting it out making obscene facial expressions, so…pretty good would have to do.  The rest of the biscuits/rolls were put into containers and prepped for our three gym days this week.

After hitting the gym this morning, we arrived very hungry at the office.  I set to the task of getting our breakfasts ready.  Here was the first snag.  Apparently I needed to spray down the muffin papers I baked them in because I found that the wrappers stuck to the product itself.  Booo.  But, this wouldn’t be the first time I encountered that…so I set to work, carefully peeling and making sure I was getting mostly paper and not mostly biscuit.  Once I accomplished that task, it was a simple reheat in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Good to go.

When I asked my roomie her thoughts on the biscuits, she said, “I like the cheese.”

Again…not very helpful or useful for my blog…so…here’s my rundown…

The Really Great Food Company knows how to make biscuits!  Honestly.  What shocked me most was that, despite being filled with chunks of cheddar cheese and slices of spinach, these biscuits aren’t dense in the slightest.  They are light and airy.  And the Parmesan cheese that was added to the batter melted down into the biscuits as they baked, giving each bite a cheesy flavor.  Get a bite with a chunk of cheddar and it’s like cheese nirvana in your mouth.  Light…fluffy…and delicious.  I couldn’t stop eating mine.  I had two biscuits for breakfast and they were devoured faster than I’ve eaten anything on a gym day.  Every bite just tasted amazing.  From the spinach to the cheese to the light batter itself, this biscuit was gluten-free perfection.

My only regret now is that I can’t find this brand around here.  Thankfully, they do have a Web site and you can order their products online.  And, trust me, I think I may do that…see what else they offer and if it lives up to the standard these biscuits have now set.

Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean heavy, dense breads.  Nope.  The Really Great Food Company proved once and for all that even something as simple as a biscuit/roll can have a light, airy texture and tons of flavor.  I’m really, really hooked.  The hard part now will be saving them specifically for gym days.

It may sound cheesy (heh heh…see what I did there?) but these biscuits truly are a gluten-free culinary work of art.  If you can find the mix…purchase it and bake it.  If you can order it online, I encourage you to do so.  I was beyond impressed.

I was wowed!

The Really Great Food Company Spinach Cheese Biscuits

The Really Great Food Company Spinach Cheese Biscuits


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