Nothing sinful about Sinfully Gluten Free’s light and fluffy table rolls

Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls
Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls

Product: Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls – $3.25

I attempted to make dinner rolls back when I first went gluten-free.  The problem?  They just came out way too dense.  Super, duper heavy.  I wasn’t a fan…but my roommate and I ate them with our breakfast (usually making egg sandwiches out of them) or with our dinner…doing what we could to make them lighter.  Or at least…not feel so dense.

And I attempted cheddar biscuits using Gluten-Free Bisquick once with a non-gluten-free friend of mine…and they were dense.  My mom attempted to do it for Christmas Eve so I could enjoy bread with everyone.  My dad was the guinea pig…and he said they were too chewy.  They were definitely dense and heavy…and not up to par.  My mom ended up making a regular batch for everyone else and I consumed two of the ones that she attempted gluten-free.

Dinner rolls were turning out to be an epic gluten-free fail.

But…over the New Year, I was heading to Ohio to hang with my friend Jenn.  And one of the trips we planned was to head to Dayton, Ohio…for the sole purpose of hitting up Sinfully Gluten Free.  You see…I love their Cinnamon Rolls (which they only have on Saturdays) and Jenn is a huge fan of their Lemon Bars (yes…and Jenn doesn’t even have to eat gluten-free!)…so I called ahead to make sure they had 4 trays of them on hand for me.  I didn’t want to make the trip and be disappointed by ending up walking away without any cinnamon rolls.  Well, the snow started the night before and continued through much of the next morning…delaying the journey to Dayton.  But…we eventually dug out the car and made our way onto the slick roads for our road trip to Dayton.

By the time we got there…it was lunch time.  Lunch was now going to be part of the fun at Sinfully Gluten Free.  I had mentioned that I put in an order for Cinnamon Rolls, but that I would get it after I ate lunch.  So, we all ordered lunch, settled in to eat, then made our purchases afterwards.

However…it just so happened that there were these table rolls in the pastry case.  And now I was intrigued.  The original plan for that evening was gluten-free stuffed shells…and I thought some dinner rolls might go well with it.  So, I also picked up a bag of those along with the 4 trays of cinnamon rolls I had ordered the night before.  Jenn…well…she bought them out of every lemon bar they had in the place.  We are gluten-free rockstars, friends!

Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls
Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls

With the later lunch, however, we weren’t hungry enough for the gluten-free stuffed shells.  I didn’t want to freeze the table rolls, because when I pulled them out of the bag at home, I realized how soft and light they were.  I hadn’t held a gluten-free dinner roll that was light yet.  I wanted to definitely eat these before they had to see a refrigerator or freezer.  So, after a little thinking of something light to do for dinner…we settled on table rolls with scrambled eggs.

Once the eggs were in the pan, I gave the table rolls a little warm-up in the microwave.  This took their soft and light texture to a warm version of it.  With a schmear of butter…it would be the perfect compliment to…any meal, really…but that night…it was scrambled eggs.

I wanted to eat part of the roll without the butter to start with.  Just to see what it tasted like.  First of all, these heated up so well.  I think they would have also done well with a slight toasting in the oven…but the microwave warmed them through and gave them that fresh out of the oven feel.  I loved that.  They were still very light and steam rolled back as I tore into mine and took a bite.

Light.  Fluffy.  Soft.  Chewy.  They were dinner roll perfection.  Put one of these down in front of someone who wasn’t aware that they were gluten-free and I guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  Honestly.  These were not dense at all.  I wish I knew the secret to making gluten-free dinner rolls that didn’t feel and taste so heavy.  These were light as a feather and delicious.  And they complimented the eggs perfectly.  I gave part of mine a small pad of butter and topped it with a bit of the scrambled egg…and it was a match made in heaven.

These rolls would compliment any dinner to be sure.  They are the perfect bite of gluten-free bread.  No feeling like you’re eating an entire loaf.  These were light to the touch and just plain light in texture.  And the taste…phenomenal.

Sinfully Gluten Free is sinful in the respect that everything they put out is a delicious bite…and just sheer gluten-free magic.  I hope to purchase more dinner rolls from them next time I’m in town because I was highly impressed.

How do they make them so light and fluffy?  I may never find out…but thankfully Sinfully Gluten Free bakes them up that way…so that even the gluten-free community can enjoy a good dinner roll every now and again!


Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls with Scrambled Eggs
Sinfully Gluten Free Table Rolls with Scrambled Eggs

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