The Gluten-Free Oven bakes up best treat ever with Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers (Twinkies)

The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers
The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers

Product: The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers – $2.50

It was love at first sight when I spotted these little delicious creme-filled cake treats at the Gluten-Free Living Now Expo in Carmel, Indiana.  This is no joke.  And, with the recent news of the Hostess shut-down…these little treats that have been sitting in my freezer meant the world to me.  Just as much as they did back on the day I bought them at the expo.

The Gluten-Free Oven was one of the vendors that were attending the Gluten-Free Living Now Expo in Indiana.  I had never heard of them, but one product on their table caught my eye.  One product that I had not seen anywhere before and I had been…wanting, desiring, needing (to make Minion (from Despicable Me) cupcakes, of course).  Twinkies.  Okay…not real Twinkies…but a version of them.  A fabulous gluten-free version of them.  While I was never big on Twinkies when I was growing up and could eat these things…for some reason (must be those cupcakes)…I just had to have these.  I needed them.  I wasn’t leaving the expo without them.

So…I purchased one little package of the Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers from the vendor and went on my merry way.  Upon arriving home after the expo that day, they went into my freezer (along with a bunch of other goodies I purchased) for safe keeping.

Then…Hostess went belly-up.  And the real Twinkie was now going away.  There were mad-dashes to the stores to buy up favorite Hostess products.  My roomie (who can have gluten in her diet) got caught up in the madness and ended up purchasing one little packet of Twinkies for herself.  She was going to indulge that day…but decided that she’d save them for Thanksgiving evening…and we’d celebrate getting through the festivities, putting up and decorating the tree, and planning Black Friday Shopping Insanity by breaking out our Twinkies and Gluten-Free Vanilla Creme Fingers and having a sweet treat.

That was the plan.  And although we were ready for the treat upon arriving home from the meal (where I had the green beans I brought, some spiced fruit I brought, and a little potato that my friend Amanda pulled aside before she added butter and whole milk to them for mashing), we decided to wait.  We had to.  I forgot to pull my Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers out of the freezer before leaving.  I was a bit hurried as normal, having run a 5 mile race, showered, and prepared my dishes I was supplying for the meal…and getting to the location in enough time to help out if needed…or at least just socialize before food comas set in.  So…the treat had to wait.  No matter…my roommate and I had a Christmas tree to put up and decorate.  I placed the Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers on the counter top to thaw, then went to help deck the halls to the sound of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

The tree was up in record time this year and the lights and garland didn’t give us as much as a fight.  We grabbed our ornaments and just starting hanging the bits and bobs from the branches.  Soon…it was up.  I checked on my Gluten-Free Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers…and they were at room temperature now and ready to eat.  YAY!

The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Finger
The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Finger

So…time to indulge.  Cathy grabbed her packet of Hostess Twinkies and I eased into my Gluten-Free Oven packet.  We both snatched out one cake-y treat to begin with…figuring we’d save the other one for later in the weekend.  I had to take pictures of mine…and sliced mine in half to get a look at the creme (which matched the cake middle so it is hard to see).  After the photos for the blog were taken, I snatched up one of the halves and took a long, lingering bite, savoring the taste, texture and moment.

The Gluten-Free Oven hit these out of the park.  I can say that for certain because I gave a little piece to my roommate to do a side-by-side comparison and she said she couldn’t even tell the difference.  The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers were a little heavier, she said, but aside from that, they tasted exactly the same.

I count that as a win.

Here’s what else I can say.  The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers are just like the Twinkies I sort of remember back when I could eat such things.  The cake on the outside was moist and spongy.  The creme in the middle was soft and creamy and just…sweet.  It was the perfect compliment when put together.  Hostess knew what they were doing when they invented the Twinkie.  Well…The Gluten-Free Oven just brought them to the gluten-free community.  And, with any luck, The Gluten-Free Oven won’t go the way of Hostess and will continue to provide these to the gluten-free community for a long time.

I fell in love with these.  And…for the record…the other Vanilla Creme Filled Finger (and the other Twinkie for my roommate) got eaten immediately afterwards.  No saving them for another day.  They were G-O-N-E.  Yep.  They really are that amazing.  I wish I had bought more than the one pack of them.  Honestly.  I’m considering ordering them online.  Yes…they DO ship.

The Gluten-Free Oven is based out of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania…so it would be a bit of a haul to go and actually pick something up.  The best I can hope for, currently, is that I see them at another gluten-free expo soon, or just suck it up and order their products online.  Honestly, I would order a case of those Gluten-Free Vanilla Creme Filled Fingers.  It’s best if I don’t…but I would.  And should I ever decide to give those Minion cupcakes a gluten-free whirl…I just might be contacting them to send me a case.

If you don’t remember Twinkies…never had a Twinkie…or miss Twinkies due to your gluten intolerance or Celiac disease…then I encourage you to look up The Gluten-Free Oven because they can make your dreams come true…with a little pack of two of the best packaged treats I have eaten in a long time.

Happiness really can be baked…in a Gluten-Free Oven.

The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Finger (halved)
The Gluten-Free Oven Vanilla Creme Filled Finger (halved)

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