Annie May’s Sweet Cafe satisfies my cinnamon roll craving

Annie May's Sweet Café Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls

Product: Annie May’s Sweet Café Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls – $12.00

Sometimes being gluten-free can be difficult.  I don’t say that to garner sympathy or anything.  The fact is…sometimes I just want a bagel.  Or a doughnut.  Or even cinnamon rolls.

YES!!  Cinnamon rolls.

In fact, this past couple of weeks I had been out-and-out craving gluten-free cinnamon rolls.  While I could easily go to the grocery store and pick up some from Udi’s…let me tell you…that is not what I wanted.  In fact, Udi’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls are the one item by Udi’s that I have not liked or praised up and down.  I am just not a fan of the texture and taste of them.  I wanted something with a crust on the outside and that was still gooey on the inside.  You know…just like mom used to make…back when I was little and could still eat cinnamon rolls whenever I wanted.

Yeah…the gluten-free gig is a bit of a challenge at times, but I have no choice.  Thankfully, however, I have a local bakery in Louisville, Kentucky that caters to those with food allergies.  Everything they make is free of gluten, nuts, tree nuts, and soy.  Upon request, they can make most of their goodies vegan as well (minus dairy/eggs).  You gotta love that.

Well, I absolutely LOVE Annie May’s Sweet Café.  I try to get over there for something whenever I am in town.  This past Friday was the exception.  I was actually heading out of town, but saw on their Facebook page earlier that week that they had Take And Bake Cinnamon Rolls.  Oh…that hit the craving switch again so I inquired if they might have them in on Friday.  They said they would, so I asked if they could hold one package of them for me.  They said they could…and all I had to do was get to Friday and go pick them up.

After leaving work at noon, I headed into Louisville, Kentucky and swung by Annie May’s Sweet Café to pick up my order.  As promised, they had a package there for me, along with the delicious icing to go with it.  I was thrilledto say the least.  And they looked awesome too.  Nothing tiny about these cinnamon rolls.  Each one weighed around 6 ounces and they just looked fantastic…even without being baked yet.  The package of 4 cinnamon rolls ran me $12.00, but it was totally worth the cost.  I was already wishing it was Saturday morning in Ohio so I could bake them up and devour them with my roomie and my friend Jenn.

Annie May's Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls (baked)
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls (baked)

Into the cooler in the car they went…and they made the long journey to Columbus, Ohio.  Upon arriving at my friend’s house, I put them in the refrigerator until the morning.

When morning came, I sent my roomie out for coffee while Jenn and I prepared the rest of breakfast.  I got out the cinnamon rolls and preheated the oven, according to the directions on the package.  The oven was at 325 degrees and in went the pan.  The package said to cook for around 7-9 minutes.  I went with 7 to start with.  And at the end of it, they weren’t yet golden, so I let it run a little longer.  After 9 minutes passed…still not golden.  The scrambled eggs we were having with them were done, so we dug in and I got a bit daring and set the timer for 2 more minutes.  Still not golden.  And still doughy in the middle.  Not good doughy…but raw doughy.  So…back into the oven they went.  This time…for 5 more minutes.  I was aiming for that golden brown that I associate with cinnamon rolls.  When the timer went off this time, they were starting to turn a light shade of brown.  So, I decided five more minutes, and after that I would call it done regardless.

We finished up our eggs and I impatiently waited for the timer to sound.  When it did, I removed them from the oven and prodded them momentarily with a knife.  Still not a rich golden color.  Still a little soft in the middle…but it was good enough for me.

Annie May's Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls (baked and iced)
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls (baked and iced)

I set them down on a hot pad holder and pulled out a knife to apply the icing to the tops.  Do it while it’s hot and it sort of just melts over the tops.  Yummy.  There were three of us and four cinnamon rolls, so I split one of them into thirds and began to serve them up.

For the amount of time it took to bake them, I can say this much…it was worth it.  Not only did these cinnamon rolls leave me stuffed (perhaps we really didn’t need the eggs like we thought), but they did have a bit of a golden crust on the outside and that delicious soft middle going on.  I was in cinnamon roll heaven.  I love having a place nearby that can satisfy that craving for me whenever I need it.  Really good gluten-free cinnamon rolls are difficult to come by…but Annie May’s Sweet Café really, really does it right.  And I love that these are big.  Like…Pillsbury Grand big.  Size of a fist big.  Just…big and packed with flavor.  The icing, the soft middle…it was cinnamon roll nirvana for me.

I don’t know what I would do without Annie May’s Sweet Café in my life.  Honestly.  How I had never heard of them before this past year is beyond me.  Now that I know about them…I can’t help but go back weekend after weekend.  They are often my source of a breakfast if I am running in Louisville that Saturday morning.  They have so much to offer, not just baked goods, but also soups, sandwiches, and pizza.  Oh…I have got to go in sometimes for their pizza.

As it stands…cinnamon rolls were a huge hit with me.  I am addicted.  My mouth is watering even as I type this up.  Another craving is hitting.  But it’s Thanksgiving week…and their orders are at capacity.  So my craving might have to wait a week or so before I can satisfy it again.  Whether it was a temperature flaw or something with the oven…I don’t care.  What emerged….in the end…was just like the cinnamon rolls my mom used to make.

In fact…they were better.

Annie May’s Sweet Café…thank you for setting up shop in Louisville, Kentucky and giving people with food allergies amazing, delicious food.  My roommate and my friend don’t have to eat gluten-free…but when I am there…they do.  And they agree…the cinnamon rolls were nothing short of awesome.  I might have been full sitting at that kitchen table on Saturday morning…but I was full from your really good product.  You haven’t let me down yet.

Annie May's Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Take & Bake Cinnamon Rolls

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