Imagine’s (not so) Creamy Potato Leek soup packed with flavor but lacks texture

Imagine's Organic Creamy Potato Leek Soup

Imagine's Organic Creamy Potato Leek Soup

Product: Imagine Organic Creamy Potato Leek Soup – $3.99+

This morning…it was officially under 40 degrees outside.  Now, it is officially autumn, heading into the bitter cold winter months.  And nothing compliments a brisk, chilly day like a warm bowl of soup.  Seriously, soup season is upon us!

I love to make soups from scratch, but on a busy weekday, that’s not always feasible.  Enter Imagine Natural Creations’ soup line.  I have found a wide variety of these at the grocery store (in the natural foods aisle) as well as Big Lots (at a much cheaper price).  So, make sure you don’t just head for the soup aisle and give up.

On it’s own, this soup looks like it would be rather bland.  It wasn’t.  The creamy, rich texture was just perfect for a potato soup.  And the seasonings were spot on.  Nothing bland about this…but this soup also is low in sodium, so the flavors aren’t coming from added salt and preservatives, but from natural and organic ingredients like the organic onions, organic potatoes, organic leeks, organic garlic, and organic spices.

When I served this soup to my roommate, who is rather picky about food, she looked a bit unimpressed.  When she tasted it, she said it had a lot of flavor to it, but it just felt like it was missing something.  When I finally sat down with my own bowl of the soup, I could see what she meant.  On its own…it’s just a bowl of grayish liquid.  Yeah…it looks NOTHING like the image shown on the box.  Not surprising, but soup that looks like old dish water isn’t always appealing.  The box shows a very creamy, potato-y, soup in a bowl.  This was nowhere near as stunning as that image.  Yet, while it doesn’t look the most appetizing…it at least tastes amazing.  But…she was right…it felt as though something were missing.

The following day, when I cooked the rest of the box up for us for dinner…I did something a little different.  I chopped up a couple of organic fingerling potatoes, roasted them in the oven, then added them to the simmering soup on the stove for a couple of minutes.  What a difference a little texture makes.  While the soup was fantastic before, this just took it to the next level.  Adding the roasted potato cuts to the soup not only made it more filling, but it also created a better texture.  My roommate enjoyed hers with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese.

Soups are a tricky thing.  Some like them thin.  Some like them chunky.  I like them both ways, but there was just something so magical to bulking up the base of this soup.  While quite good on its own, Imagine’s Organic Creamy Potato Leek Soup was even better when something to bulk up the soup was added.  Give it a try.  Put your own spin on it.  Or enjoy it on its own.  It’s flavorful any way you sip it.

Imagine's Organic (not so) Creamy Potato Leak Soup

Imagine's Organic (not so) Creamy Potato Leak Soup

2 thoughts on “Imagine’s (not so) Creamy Potato Leek soup packed with flavor but lacks texture

  1. That was an excellent idea. I first paraboiled a potato (cut into tiny diced pieces) then pan fried with butter a small bit of onion and then added the potato. It was delicious. To be fair I was just looking for ideas to make the soup better. I did not realize that this was on a celiac site. Hopefully you can have those items! (Butter and onions)

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