Wildly egg-static about the food, service, and atmosphere at Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs, Westport Village, Louisville, Kentucky

Wild Eggs, Westport Village, Louisville, Kentucky

Restaurant: Wild Eggs, Louisville, Kentucky

Sometimes, a restaurant opens up.  You hear a lot about it from people.  You read a lot about it in local papers.  You keep saying you’re going to try it out.  And then one day…you finally do.

And your life is changed.

It has well been established throughout this blog that breakfast food, in my book, always wins.  So when a place is called Wild Eggs and the menu is breakfast and brunch items…well, I’m sold!

Wild Eggs turned out to be one of those places my roommate and I made a snap decision to try out as my belated birthday meal.  I couldn’t’ choose a place so she suggested we give this place a shot.  Why not?  So, we headed that way and were greeted with a line out the door and people milling about with buzzers for when they had a table.  This is a good sign, because a busy restaurant means it’s a good restaurant.  I hopped out of the car to go get on the waiting list, and was told we would have a 20-35 minute wait.  Not bad.

Our wait was a chilly one, but it the time flew and soon we found ourselves seated at a table…right near the kitchen, which delighted me because I could look in and see all the cooks and chefs on the line.  Yeah…foodie nerd!  I know.  But it was COOL!  Our waitress came out with a pitcher of water, got our drink orders, and left us to look at the menu.  When Diet Coke’s arrived, we were ready to order.  My roommate went for the Wild Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Scramble, which comes with skillet potatoes and an Everything muffin.

Wild Eggs' Skillet Potatoes

Wild Eggs' Skillet Potatoes

As for me…I went with the Surfer Girl Omelet (made with egg whites only), no sour cream, no Everything muffin, but a side of fruit would be great, and the skillet potatoes.  So…what exactly is the Surfer Girl Omelet?  In my case, it was fresh spinach, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, cream cheese, and onion folded into egg whites, and topped with pico de gallo, avocado and fresh alfalfa sprouts.  It intrigued me when I saw the menu, and everything was safe for me to eat, and it had avocado on it (YUM) so it won.

We had a small wait for our food to arrive (which means it is cooked to order and not just dished out of big pans) but when it did…it all looked amazing.  My food did arrive with the muffin and no skillet potatoes…but they were quick to fix this when I pointed it out.  My roommate, who fell in love with the Everything muffin, took mine to take home with her to enjoy the following morning.  It all worked out in the end.

The food looked mouth-watering good!  I mean, it was breakfast art on a plate.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.  The omelet itself was packed with flavor.  I would never have thought that cream cheese would work in an omelet, but it did.  And it worked well.  SO delicious, especially when combined with the flavors of the egg whites and the vegetables.  I topped mine off with a dash of Cholula hot sauce, as always.  The heat from the sauce and the cooling nature of the cream cheese couldn’t have been better matched.  Epic breakfast win.  The skillet potatoes were browned to perfection too.  And there were a lot of them.  Delicious on their own or with a smear of ketchup, these were soft on the inside but had that bit of crunchiness on the outside.  Just what I look for in skillet potatoes.  They are cooked up with some onion, which not only added flavor, but a little more crunch.  Right on the money.  I couldn’t have been more happy.

When my parents came into town to visit and watch me run in Louisville’s Race for the Cure, afterwards we went out to brunch at Wild Eggs, at my insistence, because I wanted to take them somewhere that they can’t get back in Alabama, and where they can enjoy a wonderful meal.  My mom, who also has a gluten-intolerance, ordered the Surfer Girl Omelet (as did I…again!) and loved it.  My dad tried the Violet You’re Turning Violet pancakes (which are buttermilk pancakes, topped with blueberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup) with a side of bacon.  Our waitress talked him down to two pancakes instead of the full three because of the sheer size and fluffiness of them and he even couldn’t finish that.  He thanked our waitress profusely for talking him down from three.  And my roommate got a little crazy this time around and tried the Creole Omelet (a mix of rock shrimp, andouille sausage, bell pepper, onion, and cheddar jack cheese, topped with a Creole hollandaise sauce (which she LOVED), and served with the skillet potatoes and Everything muffin).

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day…but also my favorite.  I love eating at Wild Eggs.  As much as I love my local standbys (Toast on Market and Lynn’s Paradise Café), Wild Eggs is sheer atmosphere, paired with great service, and delicious food.  I can’t wait to find another reason to go back…and bring along some more people for a delicious brunch treat.

Wild Eggs has three locations in Louisville, Kentucky and one location in Denver, Colorado.  So…if you live in the vicinity of one or are just passing through one of the cities…around breakfast/lunch time…do go in and enjoy a filling, delicious meal.  And then spread the word about Wild Eggs.  It’s food worth bragging about!

Wild Eggs' Surfer Girl Omelet with a side of fresh fruit

Wild Eggs' Surfer Girl Omelet with a side of fresh fruit

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