Product Review: Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini

Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini
Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini

Product: Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini – $5.50+

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  Wow.  But…it is one that is worth attempting to say (preferably with an Italian accent).  Because what we honestly and truly have here is the finest, best, and closest-you’ll-ever-get-to-the-real-thing gluten-free pasta.  I raved about Biaglut a long while back…a couple years ago, when I reviewed the Biaglut Maccheroncini (Elbows).  I even had another one of their pasta offerings, but didn’t blog on it.  I think I was overwhelmed with blogging and thought, “gluten-free pasta is pasta…what more can I say about it?”

I’m actually really sad that my thought process went that way.  And here’s why…

Biaglut honestly is the best gluten-free pasta out on the market.  It’s not easy to find.  But if you do find it…or if you can order it online, I honestly encourage you do to so.  It is amazing.  It has the texture and taste of “real” pasta.  Nobody would even suspect that it was gluten-free.  That goes for all three varieties that I have now tried.

This latest round of gluten-free pasta a l­á Biaglut was brought to me by the amazing Cuisine Cube.  My June box contained this sack of amazing pasta.  And since I’ve been out of town, I haven’t gotten to play around with my bin ingredients lately.  But that changed.  That changed last night when I decided to do up some pasta…but in a different way.  I still have a pantry of various pastas to use…but the Biaglut was right there and I really wanted to attempt this one with a “spaghetti” type noodle.  And since Cuisine Cube sent me some Bucatini in my box…I was ready to rock and roll!

My recipe involved very little.  A Gluten-Free and Vegan Caprese Spaghetti, as it were.  So, what I did was slice up two tomatoes and lay them on a baking sheet.  I covered each slice with a slice of Teese vegan mozzarella cheese.  Then, I put it in the oven for about 20 minutes, allowing the cheese to get melty and good.  While that was baking…I got some water into a big pot and set it on the stove to bring to a boil.  Once it was there, I put 4 ounces of the Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini into the water (a serving for both my roomie and myself) and let it begin to cook.  The bag said it would take around 7-8 minutes to get to that perfect al dente.  I gave it a stir every now and again, but just let the boiling water work it’s magic.  And, wouldn’t you know it?  Seven minutes later…the Bucatini was cooked perfectly.  I drained it and began to assemble my pasta…

A serving of Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini (cooked)
A serving of Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini (cooked)

Bucatini…a drizzle of olive oil, topped off with the slices of tomato with the melted vegan mozzarella, a sprinkle of fresh basil, and then a drizzle of a red wine reduction.  Dinner was served.

So, bucatini gets their name from the Italian word, “buco,” or “hole.”  It is similar in shape to spaghetti, but the hole allows water to enter as it boils, speeding up the cooking time and also making it ideal for slurping up your favorite sauce.  Naturally, then, I make a pasta dish without a sauce.  HA!

Let me tell you though, Biaglut knows what it’s doing.  Honestly.  This pasta had a great texture and amazing flavor.  It worked so well with the slices of tomato, the vegan cheese, the fresh basil, and the red wine reduction.  It just…came together in perfect harmony.  The pasta was actually ideal, despite there not being a true sauce on this dish.  It actually made me realize how much I missed eating spaghetti.  Especially one that actually felt like I was eating spaghetti and not bits of spaghetti brown rice noodles that turned to mush despite not being overcooked.  It was a very nice change and made for one of my favorite meals.  Sometimes getting creative in the kitchen and having it come out perfectly means…having the right base for said dish.  Biaglut was just that.  And I am, once again, forever going to sing high praises for this product.

Biaglut products are made from the finest gluten-free ingredients with authentic Italian recipes.  This company isn’t playing around.  The Biaglut team has worked for years to perfect the recipes for their gluten-free products to have them taste like, if not better than, that of the comparable gluten containing products.  They believe that gluten-free products shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste and flavor.

So, while on this subject…let’s take a look at what goes into the Giaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini, shall we?  The ingredients include: cornstarch, potato flour, lupin flour, lupin proteins, and mono and diglycerides (emulsifier).  Very few ingredients.  And all of them, when put together, create the ideal gluten-free pasta.  Just take my word on this one.

As for nutrition, a serving of Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini is 2 ounces.  This serving provides 190 calories and 1 gram of fat.  In addition, this serving gives you 15 mg sodium and less than 1 gram of sugar.  This pasta is cholesterol free.  You also get 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.

Biaglut, honestly, is top of the line when it comes to gluten-free pastas.  If you can find these and/or order this brand, I highly encourage it.  You’ll never find this pasta to turn to mush or fall apart.  Biaglut’s quality is worth the price it takes to have this pasta in your pantry.  You’ll never go back to other brands.  I promise you that much.

Gluten-Free Caprese Spaghetti made with Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini
Gluten-Free Caprese Spaghetti made with Biaglut Pasta Senza Glutine Bucatini

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