Product Review: Gillian’s Foods Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons

Gillian's Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons
Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons

Product Review: Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons – $4.49+

Three years.

Three very long years since I last had croutons on my salad.  Have I missed them?  Eh…sometimes?  I mean, there comes a moment when you just want to have that little extra crunch to your salad…not from the lettuce or the carrots or the other fresh veggies that are making up said bowl of raw veggie goodness.  Sometimes…that little extra seasoning and crispiness is what you desire.  And…when you are a Celiac…well…that doesn’t get to happen.

Sure, I could dry out some gluten-free bread and bake up my own in the oven.  Of course.  But, do you know how expensive gluten-free bread is??!  I’ll use that for my sandwiches and French toast, thank you very much!

Lo and behold, on a recent outing to my mom’s favorite store in the Birmingham, Alabama area – Organic Harvest – I spotted a pouch of gluten-free croutons on the shelf of the very first aisle.  Hence a stocking up of various items that I can’t get around here.

That being said…the croutons were from Gillian’s Gluten-Free.

Now, I’ve had one other product from Gillian’s Gluten-Free product line.  It was their French Rolls, a gift from my friend Kathy, in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  And I loved them.  I truly did.  I used them numerous ways…even as hamburger buns.  So, I figured picking up something else of the Gillian’s line-up would be a great way to see what else they can do.

So, into my arms went the pouch of Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons.



Anyway…with my CSA bin deliveries back on since I’ve been in town the past couple of weekends, I have a freakin’ heap of lettuce just begging to be used.  So, I took the lettuce, grape tomatoes, onion, avocado and cucumber from the bin the other night and made a huge, but epically delicious salad for dinner.  And…to add to it…I figured why not give the Gillian’s Foods Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons a go.  I got them down from the shelf in the pantry, measured out a serving and…dinner was served.

On their own, the Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons don’t offer much flavor.  In fact, they are a little bland.  But, no one really eats croutons plain, right?  The point is that they compliment the salad and vice-versa.  That was totally the case.  Once blended on the salad and eaten with the variety of vegetables, these cubes of crunchy garlic-y goodness totally transformed.  In fact, I was wishing a serving was bigger than it was, because these were absolutely great mixed in with other ingredients and topped off with a light drizzle of a balsamic dressing.

Both myself and Cathy (the infamous roomie) were impressed.  And Cathy loves croutons…so I knew it would be a miracle to impress her.  Especially since we were both ‘meh’ on the croutons alone.  These little nuggets of goodness add the right amount of crunch and flavor without being too much for the vegetables in the salad.  Loving them!

Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons are made from white rice flour, tapioca flour, water, soy flour, guar gum, egg whites, soy oil, yeast, salt, sugar, granulated garlic, oregano and basil.  They are shelf-stable and are completely gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free.

As far as their nutritional value goes, a serving size of Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons is 7 ounces, or about 4-6 croutons, depending on size.  I weighed my serving out.  This serving will provide you with only 15 calories and 0.5 grams of fat.  Nice!!  Not heavy on calories or fat?  I love that.  You will also be consuming 45 mg sodium.  These are sugar-free, trans-fat free, and cholesterol free.  Also, you will be provided with 1 gram of fiber, but no additional protein.  But if you choose the right veggies for your salad…that’s a non-issue anyway.

Yes…it has been a long, long time since I last enjoyed the crispy, crunchy goodness of croutons on my salad.  My hope is that I can find these somewhere around here…or else I’m stocking up when I head to Birmingham next time.  Definitely more impressed than I expected.  And that…is only a good thing!

Gillian's Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons atop a delicious salad
Gillian’s Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons atop a delicious salad

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