Restaurant Review: Village Tavern, Birmingham, Alabama

Village Tavern, Birmingham, Alabama
Village Tavern, Birmingham, Alabama

Restaurant: Village Tavern, Birmingham, Alabama

I’m so disappointed.

I know…any blog that starts with those three words can’t be good, right?  Right.

And, sadly enough, that’s the way of it when it comes to Village Tavern in Birmingham, Alabama.

First of all, finding a restaurant in the South for gluten-free food is not always easy.  There are some, but when you are craving gluten-free pizza…when you require it…well…things can get a bit tricky.

But, after a little research, Cathy and I found Village Tavern in Birmingham, Alabama for the recent journey down there.  I was going to have a great dinner out with my sister, her youngest son, and a great friend of mine…Michelle!

The company at dinner was great.  I hadn’t seen Michelle since I left Alabama eight years ago.  She hasn’t changed a bit.  She’s still bubbly with the best laugh ever.  And my sister…well…she really made it a fantastic night tonight.  I always enjoy my time with my sister.  There isn’t enough of it in my life.  But…tonight…I got her and her youngest son and that was awesome.

So, the five of us total were seated and given our drinks.  We all had water.  Hydration, friends.  Always water.  Then…after a little back and forth, we were ready to order.  My sister opted for the Chicken Quesadilla ($7.95), which came with a salsa and a dipping sauce as well.  She got my four year old nephew the kids Cheese Pizza ($4.95)…which is HUGE for a child, honestly.  He loved it.  Even said it was the best pizza he ever had.  Adorable.

Michelle got the Spring Rolls ($8.95), which she seemed to like.  They weren’t what I was expecting honestly.  But they sure did look good.  With that she got a side Mixed Greens Salad ($4.95).

Cathy and I chose to split a Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza ($8.75), which is a 10-inch pizza.  Usually that’s the standard for a restaurant.  And she got the Tavern Salad ($8.50) to go with it as she hadn’t had any vegetables all day.  I opted for a side of the Broccoli ($4.00).  And that was that…orders in.  We had the chance to sit, talk, catch up and all of that while we awaited the arrival of the food.  And when it came…it smelled fantastic.


The waiter knew Cathy and I were splitting the gluten-free pizza…and yet…no extra plate was brought out.  Secondly…the waiter forgot about Cathy’s salad.  In fact, he didn’t even put it on the ticket.  So…yeah…that had to be corrected.

But the greatest problem…the biggest offense…

My gluten-free pizza dough was RAW!  Like…gooey…uncooked rawness.  I was beyond disappointed.

While I was waiting on a plate, Cathy went ahead and started on her half of the pizza.  When my plate finally was brought to the table, well…it took two tries.  First one was a small plate…which was fine.  But soon after that was left for me…a larger, must better suited plate arrived at the table.  Fantastic.  Thank you.  Cathy dished up my half of the pizza and I picked up my fork and knife to slice through what I was expecting to be a crispy crust.  This was that infamous gluten-free cracker crust that all gluten-free pizzas have.  But there was no crunch.  No crispness.  Mushy…soggy…still stretchy doughiness.  Yes, doughiness is a word…because I used it in a sentence.  The disappointment on my face must have been evident because my sister and Michelle both were like…”Is it not good?”  I held up a piece of the dough and said…”It’s not cooked!”

The best part of the pizza was the crust on the edge…because that actually WAS crispy and cooked through.  I know with cracker crusts there is a fine line between crispy and burnt…but this was on a fine line of being fresh from the package and undercooked.  The toppings weren’t even that impressive.  The pizza was just REALLY disappointing overall.  I was not impressed.  Not happy.  And just MEH about the whole thing.

At least I had good company and good conversation.

I had it in my head to return to Village Tavern with my parents the following night, but I was so unhappy with that pizza, that I’m judging the rest of their gluten-free options based on that…and will find somewhere else to eat.  I don’t think I’ll ever be back.

Village Anchor's Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza (doughy disaster)
Village Anchor’s Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza (doughy disaster)

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