Product Review: Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites

Hilary's Eat Well Original Veggie Bites
Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites

Product: Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites – $5.69+

Sometimes, when I get my roommate a little tipsy and then take her grocery shopping, I get to purchase some of the products I’ve practically salivated over trying since I spotted them, but get told “next week” by the roommate and then “next week” turns into never.  Song and dance of my life since having to change my diet over two years ago.

So…when I mix in a little alcohol and a twist of grocery shopping, sometimes I can worm a few products into the cart that normally wouldn’t be allowed due to the tight food budget.  Ah…I miss drunken grocery shopping.

However, on one such occasion when it happened…I managed to get my roommate to agree to the purchase of Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites.  They intrigued me.  They looked…interesting, sounded phenomenal, and weren’t too difficult to prepare.  So, at first glance in the freezer section, they were a win with me.  I kept pointing them out to my roommate on each venture to the grocery store…but the hint never sunk in.  The “next week” line was given.  Or…the budget was waved in front of my nose.


But…suddenly…she her grocery shopping tyrant barriers were down…and I had one shot.  And…persistence and patience paid off.  For sure.  Because these little treats were in the basket, rung up at the register, and in my freezer before she could sober up.

According to Hilary’s Eat Well Web site, the company is dedicating to making delicious, convenient, and amazing food that is always gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, soy-free, yeast-free, and nut-free.  The company is best known for their original product, The World’s Best Veggie Burger, which debuted at owner Hilary Brown’s restaurant, Local Burger, in Lawrence, Kansas.  With customer demand so high, Hilary’s Eat Well was developed so that she could bring her culinary creations to people who want to live healthy and sustainable lives, but still eat food that is easy to prepare at home and tastes great.  The rest of the products that have been created since…must live up to these expectations.

So, why the Original Veggie Bites?  What was it that made me glance at them on more than one occasion?  They just sounded…interesting.  Different.  And, yes…all the “free from” on the packaging was also a draw.  I love being able to tell if I can safely eat something quickly without having to pull it out of the freezer or off the shelf.  So, that helped.

As I am prepping for a journey out of town, my CSA bin goodies have all been used up, I’m trying to keep the clean eating vibe going.  These definitely, while processed, fit that bill.  And they were easy enough to make, allowing for a stress-free dinner tonight.  My roommate and I just split the bag between the two of us.

Cooking them is super easy.  The packaging gives two options: oven and skillet.  I love to bake things up in my oven, so I chose that option instead of pulling out a frying pan and oil.  Besides, given the option, I always bake rather than fry.  So, I set the oven for 400°F and put the Original Veggie Bites on a baking sheet.  Then, into the oven they went, for 20 minutes.  I flipped them over halfway through the baking process.  I will say…they smelled phenomenal as they cooked up.  And when they were done, I let them stand for 2 minutes, then served them up with some steamed broccoli.  Healthy dinner, yes?

Of course…because Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites are made from real ingredients.  Seriously.  In fact, the packaging lists water, organic millet, organic quinoa, organic expeller-pressed coconut oil, organic spinach, organic onion, organic garlic, organic psyllium husk powder, organic arrowroot, organic sweet potato, real salt, and organic apple cider vinegar.  See…real…organic…ingredients.

And a serving…get this…is 2 of the Original Veggie Bites.  My roommate and I each had 8 bites each.  These 2 Original Veggie Bites serve up only 40 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.  These tasty bites are cholesterol free and a serving only has 140 mg of sodium.  Love that low sodium!  In addition, a serving will also give you 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of protein.  So, probably not the most filling thing you can eat…but I’m still full and I ate 2 hours ago.

But…how do they taste?  Hmm?  Well…they taste like really amazing tater tots.  The texture is even very similar to tater tots.  You can really taste the quinoa and the veggies.  I loved how they crisped up on the outside, getting that nice golden crust, and then were soft and savory in the middle.  These were one of the most amazing things I have eaten from the grocer’s freezer in a long time.  And it really makes me excited to try the veggie burger mentioned above in the very near future.  These are honestly fantastic.  I think they may always be kept in stock in my freezer.  I love an easy meal.  And one that is good for you too.

I was beyond impressed with my first taste of a product from Hilary’s Eat Well.  I have only heard good things about this company and look forward (and even anticipate) my next purchase of one of these delicious products.  Honestly, if you find them in your freezer…purchase them immediately and enjoy them for yourself.

I’m won over by Hilary’s Eat Well.  For real.

Hilary's Eat Well Original Veggie Bites (baked)
Hilary’s Eat Well Original Veggie Bites (baked)

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