Product Review: Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi

Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi
Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi

Product: Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi – $5.99+

I know…I’ve been blogging a lot lately.  And even more so…I’ve been blogging a lot about gnocchi.  And can you blame me?  I mean…if you’ve ever had a properly cooked gnocchi, you know that there is nothing more rustic and traditional than that in Italian food.  It’s one of the first pastas ever prepared by Italians…and probably my absolute favorite.

But gluten-free…that makes it difficult.

You will recall from a few blog entries prior to this one…I was at my local Earth Fare when I stumbled across (did a happy dance and a few frolicking laps of joy around the store) Nuovo Gluten-Free Gnocchi in the fridge/freezer pasta area.  Fresh…gluten-free…pasta.  Not just any pasta…gnocchi.  *DROOL*  There were three different flavors to choose from.  And I decided I didn’t want to make decisions that day…I wanted gluten-free gnocchi.  So all three flavors came home with me and spent a little time in my freezer.

But…when the pantry and fridge are becoming bare and you’re waiting on the next paycheck and your next CSA bin…you make do with what you have.  And I happened to have some marinara in the fridge and some gnocchi in the freezer.  Dinner…simply served.  It only took a little bit of boiling water, some salt, and a little warm on the stove.

Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi (boiled and drained)
Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi (boiled and drained)

I started with the classic…and moved to the next natural choice…Basil Potato Gnocchi.  Just one step above Classic Potato.  This one, the little potato-pasta clouds are seasoned with flecks of basil.  You can see them.  They look amazing.  They smell amazing as they boil away in the big pot of water.  Trust me…I was so happy that the sauce was warming because it helped me keep from sneaking a taste.  These were coming from frozen, so they took a bit longer to float to the top water and show they were done.  But when they all were floating happily at the top of a rolling boil, I switched off the stove, drained the gnocchi, and then tossed them in with the sauce.  And yes…I used only one serving of sauce this time…and it still felt like too much.  I have one more chance to get it right.

So…let’s discuss the Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi from Nuovo for a moment.  Not only did this version smell delicious, it totally topped the Classic Potato as far as flavor goes.  It’s amazing what a little basil can do.  Not that the Classic Potato Gnocchi was bad, but…this one had a little more flavor…and all it had was some fresh basil chopped and added into the dough.  I happen to love the smell and taste of fresh basil.  Once again…these gnocchi boiled up and cooked through to that soft perfection that you want.  Where you still have some give, but it almost melts in your mouth.  Ahhhh…sweet gnocchi goodness.  I loved the addition of basil to this version.  It just gave it that added…oomph.  And I liked the Classic Potato well enough.  This just turned the volume up to 11.  It even paired well with the marinara sauce.  In fact…it was a perfect match.  I was sad to gobble up the last little morsel in my bowl.  I need to buy stock in these…seriously.

Let’s talk nutrition, shall we?  A serving of Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi is half of the packet.  This dishes up 240 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.  You also will be consuming 210 mg of sodium and 2 grams of sugar.  Love how low it is in both of those.  In addition, each serving provides you with 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein, making you feel full and satisfied.

Not bad for a dinner, right?  RIGHT!  And it’s super tender, super delicious, and so versatile.  Eat it with any sauce of your choice, but I highly recommend an amazing marinara.  It just really meshed well.  YUM!

Nuovo…I hope your gluten-free gnocchi goodness never leaves me.  Because, while I know I am capable of making my own gluten-free gnocchi…sometimes it’s nice to have someone take over that task for you.

These…are amazing.

Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi in Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Homemade Style Marinara
Nuovo Gluten-Free Basil Potato Gnocchi in Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Homemade Style Marinara

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