Product Review: Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar

Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar
Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar

Product: Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar – $2.95+

One of my favorite things in life is that sweet/spicy blend of cinnamon and sugar.  Honestly.  I love a light coating on my gluten-free French toast…or over my air-popped popcorn.  I love it just dusted over a schmear of vegan butter spread on a gluten-free slice of bread, tasted in the oven…to make the perfect cinnamon toast.  Yes…cinnamon and sugar is my thing.  It might explain why Snickerdoodles continue to be my favorite cookie…ever!

And while this product is no longer really all that “new”…I had really never been able to find it in the stores around here.  Until a local grocery store started to carry them in their gluten-free section.  I am, of course, speaking of Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar.  I fell in love with Crunchmaster crackers a long time ago.  And about a year ago, I believe, they introduced a few new products.  One of which was the Grammy Crisps.  When I spotted these on the shelf…I had to take them home.  I had to.  There was no arguing with me about budget this time.  This was a necessity.

Now…growing up I loved graham crackers.  I still do, but my gluten-free options are pretty limited to two brands.  So, when I heard about the Grammy Crisps from Crunchmaster, I immediately envisioned that flavor of those cinnamon sugar graham crackers from my youth.  You know, the ones where one side is coated in crystals of sugar and cinnamon…the other side plain.  And what you get is the most amazing graham cracker flavor…ever?

That’s what I envisioned with these.

And I was…kind of right.

Today was the day I broke out the box of Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar and dished up a serving (30 grams) to take to work with me for my afternoon snack.  I think I sat in anticipation all day, wondering what these would taste like.  I almost started to berate myself for not having a backup in case these were just…nasty.  But I don’t think I’ve ever had a product from Crunchmaster that wasn’t at least consumable.

When 3 p.m. rolled around, my snack drawer was opened and I was pulling out my little container that held these squares of graham-cracker like cinnamon sugar flavor.  Without any show of self control (because sometimes I have none!)…I popped one of these crackers into my mouth and crunched away.  My first initial thought was that it actually lacked in flavor.  It just tasted…bland.  And I was sad.  But then, the dusting of cinnamon and sugar on these rice crackers finally kicked in.  So…they weren’t overly sweet…or very sweet at all…but then you get this nice hit of semi-sweet warmth from the cinnamon and sugar.  It takes a moment…but it gets there.

The texture of these crisps reminds me a lot of what regular Crunchmaster crackers are like.  Very substantial, crunchy, but light.  They really do give you a nice crunch with each bite.  I just wish the seasoning was, perhaps, cooked into the crisps rather than dusted on the outside.  It is just this close to perfect.  But it misses the margin ever so slightly.

Let’s talk ingredients.  I would say, with the exception of the sugar, that this snack would almost be considered clean.  It has very few ingredients, being made from brown rice flour, whole grain sorghum flour, sugar, cinnamon sugar seasoning, potato starch, safflower oil, and salt.  I recognize every single one of those ingredients.  Which is always reassuring when it comes to buying something processed in the store.  At least I don’t have to look up some crazy preservative or chemical additive to find out what it is.  The Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar are certified gluten-free, free of peanuts, cholesterol free, contain no saturated fat, and are made from 100% whole grain.

Now, let’s talk the nutrition aspect.  These are little brown rice crackers that are dusted with a cinnamon sugar blend.  One serving is 30 grams, or about 25 crisps.  This serving will dish you up 130 calories and 2 grams of fat.  That isn’t bad for a snack.  The sugar level sits only at 5 grams, which is actually amazing considering that these are cinnamon and sugar flavored snack crackers.  These have only 150 mg of sodium as well.  And, this serving will also give you 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein.

My love for Crunchmaster products continues…even though I wasn’t blown away by these crisps.  They are good.  They are.  They remind me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch…actually…just without all the sweet sugary flavor that encapsulated every little square of that cereal.  That was my sister’s favorite cereal growing up, so we ate that a lot.  The flavor of these is a bit reminiscent of that.  I liked these though, enough to polish off the box in the next couple of days (I’m a serving-size stickler).  If you love the flavor of graham crackers…with a touch of sweet and spice…then the Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps Cinnamon & Sugar might just be for you.

If you find them…they are at least worth a taste.  If you like the taste of cinnamon and sugar…these have it.  It just isn’t the initial WOW-factor on flavor I expected.  But, they are definitely worth a try.  Trust me.

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