Product Review: Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli

Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli
Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli

Product: Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli – $3.00 for 6 ounces

There are moments of absolute amazement when I look at some of the things my roommate has done for me since my diagnosis two years ago.  Seriously.  She basically eats gluten-free and vegetarian at home, all the time,  Not only that, she is always on the lookout for new gluten-free items for us, not just me, to try.  She is honest to a fault when I cook or bake something new, changing up a recipe to now be gluten-free.  Some are definitely more successful than others.

But my entire point here is…she’s full of surprises.

This past Saturday…she totally surprised me.

You see, every Saturday I meet up with a group of runners to do our long run.  This past Saturday, I was heading out with a small group aiming to hit that magic 16 mile mark.  This meant Cathy was going to be left to her own devices for 2 hours or more.  But this never slows her down.  She always finds something to occupy her time.  And on this particularly raining Saturday morning, with a fresh local coffee in hand, she stopped by the local farmers market.  You see, I was in need of a giant watermelon for a recipe I was going to make that night.  She was going to get one from a local vendor instead of hitting up the grocery store.  But, while she was there…she spotted something else.

The words GLUTEN-FREE on a sign for Lexington Pasta.  She swung by the booth and inquired.  And when I finally made it back to the meeting point, a local coffeehouse, after a very long run, we returned to the car and she told me to go look in the trunk.  Aside from a 10 pound watermelon waiting for me, she also had picked up fresh basil.  And buried in the ice of the cooler…she had picked up two small bags of Lexington Pasta’s Gluten-Free Fusilli.

While it’s true, this handmade pasta does look more like macaroni than fusilli, I could see the small twists in the fresh and handmade pasta…giving it that corkscrew affect that you would normally associate with fusilli pasta.

That being said…I was holding a bag of gluten-free handmade fusilli!!!  This was huge!  This was awesome.  This was so awesome I deemed Sunday night to be pasta night.  I’d cook up some of my gluten-free rosemary cheddar biscuits to accompany the pasta and it would be one epic Sunday meal.  Because while some products can wait…fresh, handmade gluten-free pasta is not one of those things.  I had to have it as soon as humanly possible.

We got home from our day of running errands and grocery shopping and I put one of the bags of pasta into the freezer.  The other went into the fridge for use on Sunday night.

Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli (cooked & drained)
Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli (cooked & drained)

What I love about handmade, fresh pasta is how easy it is to prepare.  No boiling your pasta for 12-20 minutes to get it to that perfect al dente.  Nope.  I went ahead and got a pot of water on the stove to boil while I prepared a small salad with some heirloom tomatoes that Cathy also picked up from the farmers market.  When the water began to boil, I simply emptied the little baggie of gluten-free fusilli pasta into the water and let it go for 2-3 minutes.  The pasta does come with an instruction guide on how to cook it and does warn against overcooking.  I then got the sauce heated while the noodles quickly finished up.  After three minutes I drained the pasta and then put it back into the pan with the marinara I had warmed up.  Giving it all a toss, I was ready to plate it up.  Into the bowls it went.  And dinner was served. Yes…that quickly.

First of all, handmade and fresh pasta will always win.  Always.  Pasta that is done locally will win even more.  And what really caught my attention about the gluten-free fusilli from Lexington Pasta was that it didn’t stick together or dry up immediately.  It cooked to the perfect al dente in the water.  Quick.  It was one of the quickest pasta meals I ever prepared.  I almost didn’t have time to warm the marinara.  I forgot what it was like to cook with fresh pasta.

Taste…taste was spot-on.  I believe Cathy mentioned that it was a rice flour noodle.  It didn’t get mushy.  It didn’t stick.  It didn’t fall apart.  In fact, each noodle held the twisty shape through the entire cooking process, the draining, and the addition of the sauce.  The serving size was just right.  And the noodles…light.  Delicious.  They have spoiled me on gluten-free pasta, honestly.  Not only is this local, but it tastes fantastic.  There was no weird aftertaste.  No chewiness.  Nothing that would be off putting.  In fact, if I were to serve this to people, they would never…EVER…guess that it was gluten-free.

I sort of want to go and get more.  Like…now.

I was really that impressed.

Lexington Pasta is based out of Lexington, Kentucky…which is a short car drive for me.  So, when the farmers market closes for the season, I can still go and purchase this gluten-free pasta of awesomesauce from their retail location.  Because I was beyond impressed with this product and find it comforting to see a local business taking strides to work with those with special dietary needs…who love pasta.  You know…people like me.

Lexington Pasta…you made this Celiac one very, very happy pasta-loving girl!  Thank you!

Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli (in marinara) with Gluten-Free Rosemary Cheddar Biscuits
Lexington Pasta Gluten-Free Fusilli (in marinara) with Gluten-Free Rosemary Cheddar Biscuits

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