A quick Tasty Bite of Spinach Channa in one little package

Tasty Bite Spinach Channa
Tasty Bite Spinach Channa

Product: Tasty Bite Spinach Channa – $3.29+

Tasty Bite keeps winning me over.  Honestly.  If there is one thing that this company knows…it is flavor.  And even more importantly…flavor profiles.  Because what Tasty Bite continues to manage, time and time again, is to get the perfect blend of spices and ingredients to work together…in this little microwavable pouch.  Most naysayers would say it couldn’t be done.  But, as they have proven over and over again…it can.

I remember first spotting Tasty Bite products on the shelf of my local grocery store.  Then…I started seeing more (and other varieties) at the other grocery stores I go to each week (which is between 4-6, honestly).  When they went on sale at my grocery store, my roommate and I decided to stock up on the varieties they had…and just hope that they were good.

This was, quite honestly, the best decision we ever made.

You see…we are very busy, very active, very on-the-go people.  And there are certain days of the week where cooking a full meal just doesn’t work.  When we have places to go and appointments to make, there is just no way I can spend that sort of time in the kitchen.  It just isn’t possible.  Take Monday’s for example.  Yesterday…after running in the morning…then working 8 hours…then with my group fun run that evening at 6 p.m…and travel over into Louisville being figured in, I basically had time to either cook up a Tasty Bite meal…or make a grilled cheese sandwich.

I decided to do the Indian food.  Spinach Channa was the next one on the list.  What is Spinach Channa?

I cooked up some jasmine rice the evening before, so you can tell which won out in the end.  It’s basically chickpeas that are simmered with savory spinach, some herbs, some spices, and given a little kick with the addition of chilies.  It sounded great because I absolutely love chickpeas and spinach.  And…chilies in everything makes me a happy girl.  Give me something with a bit of a kick and what you have is one very, very happy gluten-free vegetarian.

One thing that I love about these Tasty Bite packages is how simple they are.  They are good to eat on their own, but if you want to boost the staying power, you can pair it with a protein, pour it over rice, or however else you choose to eat it.  Putting it over rice is always my method.  Anyway, once you decide how you are going to enjoy your Tasty Bite meal…the rest is simple.  Tear a 2 inch slit into the top of the package and pop it into the microwave for 90 seconds.  When done…serve however you choose.  For me…I pour the now steamy warm contents over my jasmine rice and settle in to eat.

So, how exactly does the pairing of various herbs and spices with spinach and chickpeas taste?  Just as amazing as it sounds.  The spinach is cooked down into this green, thick, soup-like sauce.  The chickpeas are scattered throughout that.  And the flavors…they are to die for.  Just the right amount of heat from the chilies.  The rest…it just all blends together.  It makes for one tasty, tasty meal.  I really loved the flavors of this one.  Not as much as the Vegetable Korma…but this one is good in its own right.  Savory…with a small mild heat.  And I mean…mild.  My roommate is a spice wimp and she didn’t say anything about heat level on this one.  So…it’s just enough to give it this added something.  That’s all.

Now comes the science part…the ingredients and the nutritional information.  Ready?

First of all, one thing that Tasty Bite does pride itself on is their ingredients.  They use no preservatives and many of their options are gluten-free.  Take Spinach Channa for example…since that’s what I am reviewing.  The Spinach Channa is gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and kosher.  Everything that goes into the package is an actual food.  No chemicals.  No artificial additives.  Just pure ingredients.  The ingredient list on this one is simple and small: water, spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, salt, cumin, chilies, turmeric, and spices.  Recognize all of those?  I sure do.  And that is a comfort.

Now…for the nutritional part.  One serving of Tasty Bite Spinach Channa (5 ounces…or half the pouch) will serve you up 130 calories and 6 grams of fat.  For being a shelf-stable option, the 490 mg of sodium isn’t too bad.  It’s on the lower end of most processed foods.  And much lower than some soups out on the market.  Each serving also provides a filling 6 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein.  LOVE that.

And, honestly, I loved every bite of Tasty Bite’s Spinach Channa.  It was filling.  It provided great energy for my evening run, with nothing that upset my stomach.  Indian food before a run isn’t everyone’s choice, but with the mild flavors and pairing it with rice, it’s ideal.  Honestly.  Oh…let’s not forget that it tastes AMAZING.  Great flavors, great food, great company.  And a great variety to choose from!

But…when in doubt…go for something simple.  Spinach Channa is a great place to start.

What more could you want?  Except, perhaps, another Tasty Bite…

Tasty Bite Spinach Channa over jasmine rice
Tasty Bite Spinach Channa over jasmine rice

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