Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza comes to my gluten-free pizza rescue while out of town

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, Indianapolis, Indiana

Restaurant: Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, Indianapolis, Indiana

So, I’m in Indianapolis.  That morning, I ran 10 miles for training.  My lunch was a gluten-free cookie and an orange.  It was after 6 p.m. and I was starving.  I had just finished up a string of back-to-back panels at a local sci-fi convention in Indianapolis, the entire reason I was in Indianapolis in the first place.  My initial thought was a gluten-free sandwich from Jason’s Deli, but that would require leaving the convention hotel, driving out to the restaurant, which wasn’t nearby, and sitting and eating.  And I honestly just didn’t have the energy.

So, my roommate and I hijacked the computer in the business center and started surfing Find Me Gluten Free.

And pizza…that’s not only convention food…it just sounded really, really, really good.

The most highly recommended place on the search was a local place called Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza.  We pulled up the Web site, and…there it was…a 10 inch gluten-free crust.  Awesome.  We wrote down the number and checked the delivery area.  And we were just a block or two outside of the delivery region.  Cathy decided it was worth a try to ask if they would deliver to us, as they weren’t that far away.  So, she called.  And they were more than happy to accommodate.  That was awesome.

We placed our order…one gluten-free pizza with mushrooms, red onion, and pineapple ($14.00).  It just sounded…really good.  With the order in, we were told it would be about 35 minutes, as it was a Saturday.  So, we decided to keep ourselves occupied until we got the call that they were nearby.  We’d meet the delivery guy in the lobby.  We walked around and talked with some people while we waited and when they asked where we ordered pizza from, and we said Jockamo…they all melted and practically salivated on the spot.  If that is any indication of what we were in for…I was beyond excited.  And really, really hungry to boot.

It felt like no time had passed at all when Cathy’s cell phone rang.  We skittered to the front lobby and had only a few minutes to wait before the delivery guy walked through the door and tracked us down.  The pizza was handed over and we paid him, extra tip for coming outside of the delivery area.  And then…no waiting, we hurried back to the hotel room to dive in and get some food in our stomachs.

I flipped open the pizza box and found the typical pizzeria gluten-free pizza.  A cracker crust topped with red sauce, our toppings of choice, and cheese.  I snapped a picture and then it was game on.  We were starving and the pizza smelled fantastic.

So…we dove in.  And devoured the pizza in less than 10 minutes, if that is any testimony as to how good it tasted.  And this wasn’t just the “OH MY GOD I AM SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT WHATEVER IS IN FRONT OF ME REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT TASTES GOOD OR NOT” sort of hungry.  It honestly tasted really, really good.

Let’s start with the crust.  The thin crust was cooked almost to perfection.  Almost.  It had a really good flavor, but it just didn’t have that golden crustiness that I prefer with my pizza crusts, which meant, it came across as being a little soggy.  Of course, some of that could be a reflection of the fact that it was cooked, packed in a box, put in a car and delivered to us.  So, I’m not saying the crust was bad at all.  It just didn’t have that crunch to it when I bit into it.  The red sauce was fantastic.  I’m not just saying that.  The tomato flavors were rich and bold and seasoned to perfection.  The toppings we selected were fantastic.  The mushrooms, onions and pineapple were all cooked to perfection, the pineapple’s sweetness being a nice contrast to the umami flavor of the mushrooms and the bite of the onions.  And then…the cheese.  A nice hit of saltiness that the pizza needed…creamy and gooey and just…the entire package was phenomenal.  Yep.  I was impressed.

Like I said…we devoured that pizza in less than 10 minutes, each of us getting three slices each.  No holds barred. It was gone as quickly as it had arrived and we were left licking marinara off our fingers and happily discussing how every bite of that pizza was beyond delicious.  We were now fortified for the long evening ahead of us.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza really surprised me.  I didn’t know what to expect, just that all the locals were salivating whenever we mentioned where we ordered pizza for our dinner.  And that was enough testimony to put my mind to ease.  If we had scrolled a bit further through the menu, we also would have discovered that they also offer gluten-free cookies, made by Deihdre Alltop.  I didn’t know about these…but now that I do…next time I’m in Indianapolis and order from Jockamo (there will be a next time…YUM!), I think dessert will have to happen as well.  Because with a choice of three different gluten-free cookies…you just can’t go wrong.

Needless to say, the service at Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, their willingness to come just outside of the delivery area and deliver to us at the convention hotel, spoke volumes of their service.  Their food…especially that house made marinara…did the rest of the talking.  Honestly, one of the best sauces I have ever encountered on a pizza.  It was cooked up really well…the toppings were fresh and complimented the sauce, the crust, everything.  I was beyond impressed.

If you are in the Indianapolis or Greenwood area, go by Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza and get a pizza.  Dine in, take out, have it delivered.  Just trust me…you really want to try it.  I was one happy gluten-free pizza loving girl, let me tell you.  And I’ve had a lot of gluten-free pizza in my life.  This one…is definitely near the top of the list.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza's Gluten-Free Pizza with Mushrooms, Red Onion and Pineapple
Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza’s Gluten-Free Pizza with Mushrooms, Red Onion and Pineapple

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