Indian inspired Spinach Dal another Tasty Bite on a busy day

Tasty Bite Spinach Dal
Tasty Bite Spinach Dal

Product: Tasty Bite Spinach Dal – $3.29+

I lead a very busy life.  No, really…I do.  There are some weeks that I just never really find a moment to relax.  Between my training sessions, my gym time, my yoga, my JOB, life can sometimes spin wildly out of control and just keep me too busy for my own liking.  Honestly.  I sometimes have to eat breakfast standing up in the kitchen, I can be that busy.

Monday is one of my busiest and most hectic days.  Not only does it mean the start of the work week, but it also brings in my fun run.  Every Monday night and I hate missing it.  This, however, does require bolting home from work, changing into my running gear, and shoveling some sort of dinner down my throat.  I have to be particular though…because in less than 30 minutes after that, I’ll be out running.  Not hard…but still.  Nothing worse than something not sitting right in your stomach before a run (eggs, anyone?).

Normally, a gluten-free (and vegan) grilled cheese sandwich is my go-to option on Monday night.  But…I have a lot of “easy meals” in my pantry and I’m attempting to sort through all that craziness.  After all…can’t change up the eating habits until the old stuff is out.

One of the best choices in my pantry, however, is a heap of Indian-inspired meals that are ready in 90 seconds.  No…really!  These little pouches of deliciousness are made by Tasty Bite and I have found them in regular grocery stores and natural food stores.  This past Monday morning, I cooked up two servings of jasmine rice, because that’s easy to reheat in minutes when I get in from work.  I figured I could grab one of the Tasty Bite pouches from the pantry and serve up a filling, but not going to kill my stomach when I run, sort of meal.

My flavor of choice – Spinach Dal.

For those of you unfamiliar with Indian food, Dal is simply lentils.  And I am a huge fan of lentils!!  The Tasty Bite Spinach Dal is a blend of spinach, yellow lentils, and spices.  Nothing hot.  A lot of people just assume Indian food is going to be hot.  I wouldn’t want to eat something spicy before a run either.  The Spinach Dal is the perfect balance of mild Indian spices with delicious lentils and spinach, cooked down, and served over the rice I made that morning.

And it only takes 90 seconds.  Told you…it’s an easy, go-to, and VERY tasty meal.

I actually prefer spice, but the milder choices make for great Monday Run Day meals, I’ve found.  The combination of the carbs from the rice and the protein from the lentils is that perfect balance I need to fuel my body for what is always my second run of the day.  The spinach was soft and spiced to perfection.  The lentils added a nice hit of texture and flavor…and a bit of meatiness to this vegetarian meal.  I found the spices to mesh perfectly with the ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients…what all went into this?  You’d be surprised at the short list of natural ingredients.  This is why I love having these on hand.  The Tasty Bite Spinach Dal meal contains simply water, spinach, lentils, tomatoes, onions, sunflower oil, salt, cornstarch, ginger, garlic, sugar, chilies, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, pepper, and spices.  I recognize every ingredient on that list.  Every single one.  And while there are more than the 6-7 ingredients I prefer to see, most of them are spices and I’m okay with that.  The less salt and sugar used, the better.

Nutritionally speaking, this is a healthy choice for a meal as well.  One pouch contains two 100 calorie servings.  Each of these servings also deliver 5 grams of fat to your daily intake.  For being a packaged meal, the fact that it only contains 480 mg sodium per serving is awesome.  In addition, you get a healthy dose of 3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.  While sugar is listed on the ingredient list…only 2 grams are found in each serving.  The Tasty Bite Spinach Dal is also vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher!  Awesome!

Healthy.  Tasty.  Delicious.  You really can’t go wrong with these.  If you love Indian food as much as I do…and need something easy to prepare for dinner one night…look no further than Tasty Bite.  And, if you aren’t afraid of cooked spinach and lentils…than the Spinach Dal makes for one of the best choices they have.  Very delicious!  Very…well…tasty!

Tasty Bite Spinach Dal over jasmine rice
Tasty Bite Spinach Dal over jasmine rice

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