Glutino brings the best bar-b-que flavor to their gluten-free Baked BBQ Potato Crisps

Glutino Gluten-Free BBQ Flavored Baked Potato Crisps
Glutino Gluten-Free BBQ Flavored Baked Potato Crisps

Product: Glutino Gluten-Free BBQ Flavored Baked Potato Crisps – $3.99+

I don’t eat a lot of chips.  Honestly…I don’t.  I much prefer gluten-free pretzels or chocolate covered gluten-free pretzels at that.  Chips…they kind of fell off my radar awhile back.  A lot of that has to do with so many chips aren’t labeled gluten-free.  And even if they are…well…I much prefer sweeter treats like Greek yogurt or fruit if given the option.

But, every now and again, I do have chips.  Mostly because I have them in my extensive gluten-free pantry.  And while I didn’t have any chips in my pantry, that all changed a couple of weeks back when I was in my local natural food store and Glutino products were on sale.

Glutino.  Was.  On.  Sale.

Do you get what I’m saying here?  I mean…something actually was fitting into my budget.  So, I splurged a little and picked up three items.

One of these items…was Glutino’s BBQ Potato Crisps.

Not chips.  Crisps.

What’s the difference?  Well, upon first glimpse, they remind me a lot of Baked Lays.  The shape, the thin texture, the lightness to them.  They aren’t greasy, which I love.  Nothing worse than chips that leave behind a film of grease on your fingers while you’re eating them.  Not these.  They are very clean.  And very, very delicious.  Each chip has a great, soft crunch to them.  They are seasoned to perfection.  The BBQ Potato Crisps have this fantastic smokey flavor to them.  In fact, they are the best BBQ flavored chips I have ever eaten.  And growing up, BBQ chips were some of my favorites.  I even let my co-worker at work with the picky palate try one and she had to write down the brand name and where to find them because she said they were the best flavored chips she had ever had.  And she is very particular…especially if I tell her it’s gluten-free.  So, this was a huge victory and speaks volumes about how good these BBQ Potato Crisps from Glutino really are.

Let me repeat this.




Okay…so now that I have established that, let me give you the rundown on the nutritional value of these…chips.  I know…they’re chips.  Nutrition isn’t going to be on the high side.  But honestly…these aren’t bad.

These potato crisps are made from dehydrated potatoes, corn starch, seasoned with a wide variety of flavors and natural spices and flavors, as well as salt…these crisps are cooked up in corn oil.  One serving, 28 grams (or about 12 chips), will set you back 110 calories and 3 grams of fat.  That’s surprisingly not bad for a chips.  These contain no trans-fat, no cholesterol, and only 220 mg of sodium (in CHIPS!).  You will also be provided with 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein.

It’s pretty impressive for a snack chip, to be honest.  Just remember to stick to the serving size.  I’m so impressed with these chips.  I might have to indulge every now and again…a little more often.

Another impressive and delicious product from Glutino.  They keep on hitting it out of the ballpark.  And I continue to turn to them because I trust them to put forth a quality product.  Much love, Glutino.  Much love.

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