A little taste of childhood remembered through Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes
Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Product: Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes – $3.49+

I was an odd child.

Well, I’m still a bit odd, but growing up, not many children would have said that one of their favorite snacks to eat was rice cakes.  Don’t look at me like that.  It’s the truth.  My mom often had a sack of them in our pantry and when we’d want a snack, we’d dig one out, give it a little schmear of peanut butter, and happily devour.  Sometimes…we nixed the peanut butter and would just eat them on their own.  Most people would say they taste like cardboard.  Not me.  I loved the little cakes of puffed rice.  I’d eat the entire bag if I had the opportunity.

Not much has changed in my tastes as I grew into an adult.  But…for years I went without my rice cake treat.  When I moved out on my own, snacks like that just fell to the wayside.  I just stopped buying them.

But along came the giant closeout scare at my local grocery store.  These were marked down, and I spotted them on the bottom shelf.  I wasn’t going to pass that up, so I snatched a bag of them and, without hesitation, purchased them right then and there.  And, as we all know, my plethora of gluten-free snacks and treats was out of control…so these waited for the day they would get to shine.

And that day finally came.  These little rice cakes came out of the pantry and journeyed to the office with me for my 3:00 p.m. pick-me-up snack.  I even packed a tablespoon of peanut butter to put on top of the little brown rice cake as well.  Just like mom used to do for us.  Just like we used to do as we got older.  Memories…treasured, happy memories.

Well, snack time came and I opened up the pack of Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes.  I broke off a little piece of it to try on its own.  So…so amazing.  No…really.  Even though this is a Salt Free Rice Cake, the little puffed rice cakes are light, airy, and actually have a rich flavor.  Some might say…Styrofoam.  Not me.  I think they have that bit of sweetness to them, and aren’t loaded with sodium or preservatives that I don’t need to be ingesting.  In fact, the Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes are made with one ingredient…and one ingredient only…organic whole grain brown rice.

Bingo.  Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

But, I had that peanut butter right there, so I had to pay homage to my childhood, so I gave it a schmear across the top of the rice cake.  The sweetness of the peanut butter went so well with the crispy, savory taste of the brown rice cake.  And it did transport me back to the days of growing up in upstate New York, feasting on these little cakes of goodness as a child, not knowing that they were actually good for me.  I have my mom to thank for that.  And I often do thank her for providing us with healthier snacks and well-balanced meals as we grew up.

Rice cakes don’t mean bland diet treats.  Not when it comes to Lundberg Farms Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cakes.  Honestly, these just may have to become a new staple in my pantry.  I’m enjoying this trip down a delicious memory lane!

And yes…puffed brown rice never tasted so good.  Thanks, Lundberg Farms!

Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cake
Lundberg Salt Free Organic Brown Rice Cake

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