A healthy, light snack from Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins

Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins
Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins

Product: Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins – $3.29+

I admit it…I am an oddball.  I actually like rice cakes.  I always have.  I grew up eating them.  My mom kept them in the pantry, and I would eat them plain, or sometimes give the top a light schmear of peanut butter.  Rice cakes were one of my favorite snacks.  Still are.  As long as they don’t taste like cardboard.

My roommate and I have this bad habit.  It is a very, very bad habit.  We see a product labeled gluten-free that we haven’t seen before at any of our stores and we immediately pile it into our shopping basket and take it home…just adding to the stash.  That was what happened when we brought home Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins.

We weren’t actually seeking to buy more snack foods while out at Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio.  We just ducked inside to see what the grocery store had to offer, as there were a few of them scattered throughout Dayton and we were killing some time.  Lo and behold, they have one of the most amazing gluten-free sections I have seen at a local grocery store.  I was blown away.  Local baked goods.  Products of which I have never seen before.  Awesome.

One of the products we grabbed, for reasons I still don’t know, were the Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins from Real Foods.  I actually forgot about them.  Whoops.  But I was checking the pantry list and noticed them under crackers…and that was why I overlooked them.  Wrong category.  Definitely not crackers.  But since the expiration date was approaching, it was time to use them as my afternoon snack.

Corn Thins are amazingly good for you.  Yes, even the Tasty Cheese Flavored ones.  These little rice-cake like thins (they are about 1/3 the thickness of a rice cake), made from corn and rice that are popped under high pressure, are honestly a guilt-free snack.  I was shocked that I liked these, despite being such a fan of rice cakes.  I don’t know why I was so worried.

Anyway…these little cakes have a rice cake texture, but are sweeter thanks to the addition of the popped corn.  The cheese flavored topping is lightly dusted on top, not overpowering the corn cake itself.  I loved how thin these are cut, because it makes them easy to handle and very light.  They have this gentle crunch when you break into them or bite into them.  I was very impressed with these.

And yes…guilt-free my friends.  Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins are 28 calories per cake.  For my snack, I took 3 of them, racking up a total of 84 calories for my snack.  Not bad.  And only 1 gram of fat in that serving.  NICE!  These are very low in sodium, have no preservatives, no artificial or nature identical flavors, made with all natural ingredients, are gluten-free and non-GMO.  My three corn thins gave me 3 grams of protein and 1.5 grams of fiber.

But the true surprise was just how much I enjoyed these.  Texture-wise, they are awesome.  Just the right amount of crunch.  And taste-wise…they are quite tasty.  After all, with a name like Tasty Cheese…you better live up to your name.

I hope I can find more flavors that are offered in stores around here.  I’ll be searching high and low.  And if not…next time I’m in Dayton…you better believe that I’ll be stopping into Dorothy Lane Market.

Real Foods does healthy snacks right with their Corn Thins.  Flavor them like cheese…and you have a winning combination!

Three of Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins
Three of Real Foods Tasty Cheese Flavored Corn Thins

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