Dr. Lucy’s Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies a more savory than sweet treat

Dr. Lucy's Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

Dr. Lucy’s Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

Product: Dr. Lucy’s Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies – $5.59+

For the two years I have been gluten-free, I have been hearing and reading about the cookies from Dr. Lucy’s.  I see advertisements for them in certain magazines.  I pass them on the shelves at the grocery market.  In a word…I knew about them, I just hadn’t taken the time to try them.  And why not?

Because I have so many cookies in my pantry (remember…living gluten-free cookie monster here) and these were a bit on the pricier side when it came to gluten-free cookies.  And, until recently, no flavors really stood out.  You had your basics and the ones that pretty much every gluten-free cookie company shells out to the marketplace.  Sure, I had read amazing things about Dr. Lucy’s cookies…but I wasn’t ready to spend that kind of money on them.  I do, after all, have to budget my grocery bill each week.

That being said, my local grocery store had a mega closeout on their gluten-free section.  Enough to throw me into panic mode and grab at least one of everything I desperately wanted to try…just in case it was gone for good.  In that mix was a box of Dr. Lucy’s Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies.  And last night…these just happened to be up next for dessert.  So, after eating dinner, I opened up the pantry and dug out the Sugar Cookies, which were the first of the two boxes to be used.  I checked for the serving size…three cookies!!…and then pulled out a serving for both my roommate and myself.

At first glance, these cookies look like your every day, run-of-the-mill sugar cookies.  They are crispy.  I could tell that before even biting into one.  If you, like me, prefer a soft cookie, this brand may not be for you.  But if you don’t mind some crunch (and I don’t…I just prefer soft cookies in the long run)…then go ahead and try these out for size.  They are a light golden color and the tops are dusted with sugar crystals.  Yep…almost like homemade…just without the hassle.

My roommate was the first to bite into these treats last night, and when I asked how they were, she said…”Pretty good.”  Which usually means…they are edible…but we’ve had better.  So, after I took a picture for the blog, I settled in for my own taste.

And yeah…they are “pretty good.”  After visiting Dr. Lucy’s Web site, I have discovered that the main flours that are used to make these cookies are bean flours.  Yep…bean flours.  And I think that’s why, to me, at least, these cookies tasted more salty than sweet.  They were definitely more of a savory treat as opposed to what I think of as a dessert.  And that really threw me off.  For real.  I mean, when you think SUGAR COOKIE…you think…sweetness, a bit of gritty texture, and sugar.  And…while there was a hint of sweetness at first, it sort of changed the more you chewed and took on a more salty aspect.  It sort of threw my taste buds for a loop and they weren’t quite sure what to do with that.

The Web site does describe the cookies as “crispy, crunchy” and that is completely on par with the cookies I was eating.  These cookies are also all produced in a dedicated facility so that there is no risk of cross-contamination.  While these cookies are definitely crispy and crunchy (seriously…nothing chewy or soft about these), they don’t crumble and fall apart when you take a bite out of them either.  On the contrary, they hold together really well, so no need to throw them on that dessert plate.  You can nip at these and hot have the crumbles land in your lap.

That being said, when it comes to flavor, you’ll probably either love these or loath these.  I’m still on the fence.  I wanted sweet…something to cleanse the palate after I ate…and I sort of get that…but not quite.  I just don’t find this to be a successful execution of gluten-free cookies.  They aren’t bad…but they are…weird.  The flavor just was off for me…and I’m pretty certain it has to do with the bean flours that are used to produce the base of the cookie.

While not bad…I’d probably choose a different gluten-free sugar cookie on the market before buying a box of these again.

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