Glutino Cheddar Crackers are putting on the Ritz

Glutino Cheddar Crackers

Glutino Cheddar Crackers

Product: Glutino Cheddar Crackers – $5.49+

There was a time, a couple years ago, when I could still eat just about anything I wanted.  One of my favorite crackers for years (up until I started cutting out food with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it) was Ritz Crackers.  And, yes, my dear snacking friends…Ritz do, in fact, contain HFCS.  BOOO!

But, then the whole needing to go gluten-free thing happened and Ritz Crackers became a distant memory anyway.  Oh, sure, I missed that buttery, rich flavor of each bite of those soft crackers…but with gluten ingredients and HFCS…that was a recipe for disaster for me.  Completely.

And so, my life continued on…without a snack cracker for a long time.

But then, the market on them sort of exploded.  From Mary’s Gone Crackers to Crunchmaster to Schär to Blue Diamond…gluten-free snack crackers have made the ultimate comeback…in a variety of flavors, textures, and tastes.  I’m rather particular when it comes to taste and, especially, texture.  I like to have light crackers…nothing heavy or dense.  I want the first bite to have a soft crunch, not something loud.  In other words…I was searching for a gluten-free Ritz cracker.

Well…Glutino nailed it.

Honestly, they did.  A while back, they released their line of various snack crackers (which they are currently adding to with two new flavors).  Originally, these came in Original, Multigrain, Vegetable, and Cheese.  When my local grocery store had their mega closeout on their gluten-free selection, I grabbed what they had.  A box of Glutino Cheese Crackers and one box of Glutino Multigrain Crackers.

You guessed it…these found their way into the black hole of my pantry…up until I ran out of my current snack and consulted my pantry list to see what was up next.  These crackers were.  And I was pretty stoked about trying them.

A serving of Glutino Cheddar Crackers is 30 grams (I weigh mine out), or about 8 crackers.  Nutritionally speaking, this sets you back 140 calories and 5 grams of fat.  Sodium levels are very low, totally 180 mg per serving.  And each serving has 2 grams of protein.  Not too shabby for a snack cracker.  This is comparable to Ritz…but less fat and more protein.  Awesome.

But…the big test is on taste.  This can make or break a product.

When it comes to Glutino Cheddar Crackers…I don’t so much as get bombarded by cheese flavor.  It’s there…but it’s very light, almost like an accent to the cracker itself.  These are not salted, which I prefer, so the taste has to stand up for itself.  And yeah…these do make the cut.  One bite and it was like I was back in my Ritz Cracker face-stuffing days.  Honestly.  These crackers are very light with a gentle crunch and buttery texture.  And the flavor is so reminiscent of Ritz.  I love how the cheddar flavor doesn’t overwhelm the cracker itself.  But I also think that these are probably better enjoyed topped off with some sort of spread (be it cream cheese, cheese slices, cheese spread, salsa, etc.)  They are good.  Oh, yes…they are good.

Glutino has definitely been hitting the mark with their products and I only hope that this trend continues.  If you happen to be hosting a party and need a gluten-free snack cracker for any hors d’oeuvres, these are a great choice.  If you are looking for a healthier snack option than chips…these are a great choice.  And if you just miss having those Ritz crackers…these are a great choice.

Well played, Glutino.  Well played!

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