Glutino’s gluten-free table crackers a necessary addition to any table

Glutino Gluten-Free Table Crackers

Glutino Gluten-Free Table Crackers

Product: Glutino Gluten-Free Table Crackers – $3.99+

You know how much I love my products by Schär…so way back when this gluten-free thing was brand new to me, I busted out a box of their gluten-free table crackers.  And I declared my love of their gluten-free cracker.

But then…last year…Glutino introduced their own variety of table crackers.  And, yes, I bought a box.  And like most things in my pantry…it took me forever to actually bust into them.  But that changed last night.  Because I made a homemade soup.  And it was a chunky soup…so I didn’t want a gluten-free/vegan grilled “cheese.”  Nope…crackers.  That’s what this soup needed.

Into the pantry I went and out came the box of Glutino Gluten-Free Table Crackers.  I had been quite curious about these ever since purchasing them last year while in Denver, Colorado.  So, keep in mind…these have made a plane trip from Colorado to Indiana and they still weren’t massively busted up!  That’s a sign of a good packaging job.

There really is nothing special to the appearance of Glutino’s Table Crackers.  They look like oversized saltines.  Honestly.  Saltines on steroids.  But, I was definitely intrigued.  So, after snapping my mandatory blog photo, I dished up my Gluten-Free Roasted Potato and Curry Soup and dug out a serving of Glutino Table Crackers.  For the record…that’s three of these long sheet crackers.  Awesome.

Settling in to an episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power (I’m a child of the 80s and I’m reliving my favorite parts currently!) while I ate, I broke off a bit of the cracker and took a taste.  I needed to taste it on its own before I could get to the dipping and crumbling into the soup part.


I had ever right to rave about the crackers that came before…but these…these were SO amazing.  A gentle crunch.  A light, airy taste.  No unnecessary salt.  Crisp.  Rich.  AMAZING!  These table crackers were better than the ones I had from Schär…and I’m a Schär pimp.  For real!

On their own…fantastic.  Dipped in my chunky soup…supurb.  These crackers can definitely be eaten on their own…but mixing them with soup, or topping them off with cream cheese, or hummus, or butter, or peanut butter, or jam…that works too.  Me…I love soup and crackers and this definitely worked.  The sweet/spicy flavor of my homemade soup wasn’t hindered by added salt from the crackers.  These crackers are not laden with salt.  And they are still mighty good.

In fact, one serving (as I said before…three crackers) is only 160 calories and 7 grams of fat.  That’s not too bad for table crackers.  The sodium is very low…coming in at 270 mg.  As for fiber and protein…well, you’re not finding those here.  But…I used these in conjunction with a plant-based, vegan soup that made up for the difference.

Unlike Schär, who uses buckwheat, the main ingredient that serves as a base for these crackers is corn starch and soy flour.  So, there is definitely a difference in the taste.  I just preferred this one…just slightly over the other.  Slightly.

Going crackers?  You bet I am!!

I now know that should I ever be in need of any sort of cracker…Glutino is my go-to, with Schär a close second.  Glutino has truly been wowing me with their products…and they continue to come out with more gluten-free goodness for me to try.  And I am a willing guinea pig, that’s for sure!

So if you’re gluten-free and desperately wanting to go crackers…go Glutino!


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