Sea Veggies…taste like the ocean…and not in a good way

YangBan Sea Salt Sea Veggies
YangBan Sea Salt Sea Veggies

Product: YangBan Sea Salt Sea Veggies – $1.39+


Does that sum it up enough?  I was actually pretty stoked about these great little seaweed chips that I found on Manager’s Special at my local grocery store.  I think, now that I’ve had them, that I now know why they were there…

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am a vegetarian sushi loving girl…and as such, I am accustomed to the inclusion of seaweed (nori) in my rolls.  I love it when paired with the vegetables and the sushi rice.  But on its own…well…

…it tastes like…the ocean floor.  Or like orca.  I can’t decide which.

This afternoon, I was starving after a quick run on my lunch break at the gym.  So, when my 3:00 p.m. snack time hit, I reached into my desk and emerged with the little package of YangBan Sea Veggies.  I had actually thought to, perhaps, bring a backup plan in case these didn’t hit the mark on flavor, but I decided against it.  It was a healthy little snack…made from seaweed.

And…that’s exactly what it is.  In fact, each little chip is just a section of nori, this one dusted with a light coating of sea salt.  It looked harmless enough.  In fact…I thought…it might even be tasty.

I was wrong.  Not a fan.  At all.  It took a handful of Reeses Pieces and lots of water to get rid of the taste of algae, but…eventually it got there.  My palate cleansed, I went and threw away the rest of the bag and vowed to go home and get rid of the hot chili flavor as well.  In sushi…I love nori.  In snack form…on its own…not so much.

So, if seaweed is your thing…then this might be the snack for you.  It’s super healthy…only 35 calories for the little bag.  But…I didn’t even take in one since I just couldn’t get past one bite.


That being said…never again.

4 Replies to “Sea Veggies…taste like the ocean…and not in a good way”

  1. I had gone through a few different brands and I just couldn’t eat seaweed. I wanted to like it really bad because there are certain minerals that we would normally get from natural water that we don’t get from our super sterile water now. My first bite of this brand I said oh no, I’ll never like seaweed but I persisted and a few squares later the fish flavor was completely gone. Man I’m happy I found a seaweed I can eat. It is a little salty tho which might not be the best if you don’t sweat a lot.. Also I’d like to say seaweed doesn’t taste like fish, fish taste like seaweed. Superb flavor on this brand (as far as seaweed) definitely wouldn’t recommend as a post workout snack tho.

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