Cooking up and toasting up tasty Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli from Conte’s Pasta

Conte's Pasta Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli

Conte’s Pasta Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli

Product: Conte’s Pasta Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli – $5.99+

I have been leery of the frozen gluten-free pastas that I can find in the freezer section at the grocery store ever since the epic fail of Caesar’s Gluten-Free Gnocchi.  Yeah…it was enough to really just turn me off from the whole frozen gluten-free pasta thing.

But…with New Year’s Eve on the horizon and a trip to visit one of my best friends, Jenn, for the occasion, she and I started getting on Pinterest and plotting a menu.  And the entree that caught our attention was a Oven Toasted Ravioli dish.  It looked absolutely fantastic.  Jenn said she had some of Conte’s Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli in her freezer (the sign of a good friend is one who stocks up on gluten-free foods even when you aren’t in town…just for those occasions that you are!).  She suffered through the Caesar’s Gluten-Free Gnocchi fiasco…so I was willing to go along with her on this one.  My job…providing the gluten-free breadcrumbs to be dusted over the ravioli before they were toasted.

New Year’s Eve arrived with a vengeance.  After a busy day of seeing The Hobbit, she and I settled in later than expected (it snowed while we were in the movie and the roads were bad) to start up our gluten-free bread for the evening and then make up the gluten-free ravioli dish while it cooled.  With the bread out of the oven, we set some water on the stove to boil and pulled the Conte’s Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli out of the freezer.  Opening the bags…we weren’t impressed immediately.

They looked like pale discs of pasta with a bulging center that would contain the cheese filling.  We said our prayers to the gluten-free pasta gods and poured them into the boiling water.  Unlike Caesar’s frozen pasta, these actually did sink to the bottom of the pan, making it much easier for us to tell when these were truly done cooking.  Once they started floating, Jenn would scoop out a bunch of them into the strainer, shake them carefully over the pan, and bring them to me to put in the egg wash and then coat with the gluten-free bread crumbs.

Looks can be deceiving.  These raviolis really held up to the boiling process.  They didn’t split or fall apart.  Even when I would drop them into the egg on accident, they maintained their form and didn’t ooze filling out.  They survived a dunking in breadcrumbs and everything.  I was already much more impressed with these than the last gluten-free frozen pasta experience.  Conte’s Pasta did a great job making gluten-free ravoili that didn’t fall apart in the pot…or through the breading stages I put the pasta through.

So, with the breadcrumbs on and sticking quite well to the pasta, we gave the ravioli a spray of cooking spray and put them into the oven to toast up.  It took 12 – 15 minutes according to the recipe…and when they emerged, they were golden, and still holding their shape.  We carefully scooped them off the pans and into a serving bowl so we could all help ourselves to as many as we would want.  They held up.  And when we settled in to eat…the three of us (my roomie Cathy was there too!) dug in.

The biggest thing about these ravioli is that they do need a sauce.  Jenn had originally set out to eat the meal without the sauce, but ended up with some on her plate in the end.  That being said, the texture was great.  They held up fantastically to boiling and toasting in the oven.  And the taste of the filling was super good.  I wasn’t disappointed at all with these ravioli.  Conte’s Pasta has definitely restored my faith in the gluten-free frozen pasta.  In fact, when it comes to choosing a brand now, I think I’ll stick with Conte’s.  They definitely won me back over to the frozen side when something like a gluten-free ravioli is needed.

Use a proper sauce when you eat these.  Whether you bread them or eat them straight from the pan…you’ll love the texture and taste.  And the cheese is ooey, gooey, and good as well.  They have quite a few variations of gluten-free pastas to choose from.  But these ravioli’s did the trick for me.

Find them in your grocery store freezer section and give them a try.  And if you are looking for an easy and tasty recipe, check out my blog on the Gluten-Free Oven Toasted Ravioli that Jenn and I prepared on New Year’s Eve.  It’s a fun, different, and delicious way to enjoy gluten-free pasta.

Conte's Pasta Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli (cooked and coated with Katz Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs and toasted in the oven)

Conte’s Pasta Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Cheese Ravioli (cooked and coated with Katz Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs and toasted in the oven)


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