The Swiss Colony adds gluten-free goodies to their catalog…including these Chocoláno cookies

The Swiss Colony Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies

The Swiss Colony Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies

Product: The Swiss Colony Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies – $19.95

It was a huge surprise to me one day when I received an additional Swiss Colony catalog in the mail.  Now, I used to order Swiss Colony stuff all the time.  From cheeses to chocolates, they are one of the best go-to resources for tasty treats for loved ones and friends…or even for yourself.  When the gluten intolerance happened, however…I had to bid adieu to Swiss Colony…at least for myself.  And then…I received a little sunshine in the mail when a sugar-free and gluten-free catalog showed up.

Now, they didn’t have everything listed in the gluten-free portion of the catalog.  Nope.  They actually had listed the cheesecakes, which, while they look fantastic…were definitely overpriced.  Yikes.

I mean, I’m used to paying a pretty penny for gluten-free goodies, but a $50 cheesecake is not what I’d like to spend my money on.  I’m sure they are delicious and really, really good…but…alas…I do live in a budget.

Well, as I normally do at the holiday time, I was surfing through Swiss Colony’s Web site for a couple of purchases for friends and family members.  And I came across their gluten-free section on there.  I figured I’d give it another look.  The cheesecakes were there…and some of the 123 Gluten-Free box mixes you can find at stores for a variety of baking needs.  And then there were cookies…and brownies…ooooh…

I sent the link over to my roomie to take a look.  And she immediately goes, “Are those gluten-free Milano cookies?”

Sure enough, there on the page were what Swiss Colony was billing as Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies…and they definitely resembled the infamous Milano cookies I used to be able to eat.  As it was the holiday season, it was definitely time to treat myself, so I ordered some of the Chocoláno Cookies and hoped for the best.

Well, yesterday they arrived.  Just in time too, because I needed something new for dessert in the apartment.  These would be perfect.  Well, I tore into the box at the office and was actually pleasantly surprised by how many were in the container.  I was expecting a small box…as that’s normally what happens.  But this came in one that said there were 16 servings (although I think there are more than 16 cookies in there).  It was a very welcome surprise.  I was just getting giddy thinking about diving into these after I ate my dinner and before I got to work on some gluten-free vegan baking that needed to be done.

Well, dessert time came and I opened up the plastic container and pulled out two cookies.  One for myself…one for my roommate.  She was the first to take a bite.  I asked what she thought and she said…”Is good.”  Which I never really know if that means it is good or…eh…I’ve had better.  So, I took my own taste to decide for myself.

At first bite…they hardly taste like anything.  I can definitely taste the rice flour in the cookies.  And they do have that buttery lightness to them, which I love.  The chocolate cream in the middle, however, is awesome.  It really kicks the cookie up a notch.  And then, once you finish that bite…that flavor lingers and…that’s when that Milano cookie flavor hits.  It was very reminiscent of the cookies I used to enjoy.  The thing was, that flavor didn’t hit until the very end.  It was bizarre.  But…all-in-all…a delicious cookie in the end.

The serving size is one cookie…and like I said, there are definitely more than 16 cookies in that container.  They are tasty, sweet, and won’t fill you up.  I love that about them.  In addition, they only have 100 calories per cookie, which isn’t bad for something cream-filled.  The outer cookies have a great crunch to them, yet still are smooth and soft.  And the cream will definitely win you over.  As with everything chocolate that Swiss Colony does…the chocolate is sublime.

I really want to congratulate Swiss Colony on adding a selection of gluten-free treats to their growing catalog.  It definitely made my holidays a little merrier…and much tastier.

If you miss Milano cookies…these are definitely worth a try.  They aren’t exact…but…wow…if they aren’t close.

The Swiss Colony Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies

The Swiss Colony Gluten-Free Chocoláno Cookies


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