Tina’s Sweet Treats bakes up gigantic, flaky gluten-free sub buns

Tina's Sweet Treats Sub Buns
Tina’s Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Buns

Product: Tina’s Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Buns (2 buns per package) – $5.49

I love Ohio for numerous reasons.  One of my best friend’s lives there.  Countless other friends live scattered throughout the state.  And near the Dayton, Ohio area, I stumbled across a great little grocery store called Dorothy Lane Market.  What I found inside made me eager to go back.  And though I have yet to do so, the bounty of gluten-free products I purchased the one time I stopped in lives on, thanks to my freezer.

Well, I was surfing Pinterest the other day (shock!) and I ran across a recipe for Portobello Mushroom Cheesesteak Sandwiches.  They needed sub sandwich rolls.  And…I just happened to have a pair of gluten-free sub sandwich rolls in my freezer thanks to my random stop in at Dorothy Lane Market.  If you have never been to Dorothy Lane Market, by the way, and you happen to be going through Ohio…stop.  Go.  Shop.  They have an incredible selection of gluten-free items…including baked goods from local bakeries…and a knowledgeable staff in the gluten-free aisle.  I was beyond impressed and ended up stocking up on quite a few things I knew I couldn’t get anywhere else.

And…one such item was Sub Buns from Tina’s Sweet Treats, a gluten-free bakery in Franklin, Ohio.  Dorothy Lane Market provides customers with a variety of different items from local businesses that are dedicated gluten-free.  I was intrigued.  And these really caught my eye.  Normally when I make sub sandwiches I use the Schär Sub Sandwich Rolls that are parbaked and just need a toasting in the oven.  And I love those.  But here was a chance to try something “fresh” and homemade.  Not in a facility…but from a bakery.  I was truly excited about this.

Well, after the initial purchase, all the fresh baked items found a spot in my freezer.  I really had no reason to use them…until a recipe showed up on my Pinterest feed.  Knowing that I had every ingredient (including the sub rolls) in my pantry or fridge (thank you CSA bin), I knew these buns were coming out and this recipe was going to get made.

Tina's Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Bun
Tina’s Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Bun

When I purchased these rolls, I failed to realize just how massive they were.  You are definitely getting your money’s worth, that’s for sure.  These rolls are about 2 Schär sub sandwich rolls put together.  I sliced each ginormous bun in half, loving how the bread would flake away.  Ah, I do love homemade, fresh items.  I noticed there was some spring in the texture, which meant it wouldn’t be dry.  I approved.  So, after cutting both of the dino-sized buns in half, I finished sauteing up my mushrooms, onions, and green peppers, topped them off with vegan provolone cheese, and allowed it to melt.  Then, onto the sub sandwich buns the filling went.  I wrapped each sandwich in tin foil and placed them on a baking sheet in a warm oven for about 15 minutes.

At the end of the warming period, I removed the sub sandwiches, now toasted all the way through, and unwrapped them.  Plating was easy.  The bread didn’t fall apart.  Nor did it get mushy from any residual juices from the sliced portobello mushroom cap that I sauteed.  I was impressed!  Really.  But the real test was coming up.  I needed to find out how these tasted.  My roommate was already digging into hers when I settled in, and I asked what she thought.  She said they were definitely heavier than the Schär Sub Sandwich Rolls, but that it was good.

So, it was my turn now.  One bite.  And I was immediately reminded of the sort of flaky gluten-free hamburger bun I get at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  That’s exactly what the flavor and texture reminded me of.  You could tell it was made in a bakery though.  The flavors that each bite imparted was enough to prove that.  According to Tina’s Sweet Treats’ Web site, the ingredients that go into these sub buns are rice flour, tapioca flour, egg whites, butter, yeast, xanthan gum, apple cider vinegar, and salt.  That’s it.  And what emerges, whether toasted in the oven or heated in the microwave is a soft, delicious bun that is flaky and soft and perfect to stuff full of whatever ingredients you crave.

I was very impressed by Tina’s Sweet Treats.  My roommate actually prefers the Schär rolls over the bakery’s version of a sub roll.  But I could go for either.  These buns were very filling, but very good and worked well with the sandwich I created.  I would totally try other products from Tina’s Sweet Treats, and hope to next time I stop into a Dorothy Lane Market in Ohio.  I was quite happy with the taste, texture, and the way the subs held up to the fillings, and the baking in the oven.

Do your sub sandwiches with something fresh and something tasty.  Check out Tina’s Sweet Treats.  And if you can’t get to Ohio…they do ship.

Portobello Mushroom Cheesesteak Sandwich made using Tina's Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Buns
Portobello Mushroom Cheesesteak Sandwich made using Tina’s Sweet Treats Gluten-Free Sub Buns

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