RP’s Gluten-Free Linguini a fresh take on gluten-free pasta

RPs Pasta Company Gluten-Free Linguini

RPs Pasta Company Gluten-Free Linguini

Product: RP’s Pasta Company Gluten-Free Linguini – $5.99+

I had a “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!” moment a couple weeks back while I was out grocery shopping at my favorite local grocery store…Earth Fare.  If you have an Earth Fare in your town…run…do not walk…to that location and grocery shop.  This little grocery store brings me so much gluten-free goodness that I have taken to calling it Earth Joy.  I never walk out of there without seeing or purchasing something new or something that has made me happy.

And, let me tell you, living where I do, sometimes gluten-free goodies are beyond hard to come by.

Well, this moment happened when I was scoping out the cheese section and looked up to spot…gluten-free pasta in the refrigerator section.  Like…that awesome homemade fresh pasta that just takes minutes to boil.  Not that boxed rice or corn or quinoa pasta.  No, my friends.  This was like fresh noodles all vacuum sealed and just ready for some boiling water and a touch of sauce.  I was elated.

And while out and about on Saturday afternoon doing my grocery shopping, my roommate treated me to a package of this pasta.

The brand is RP’s Pasta Company.  Now, I am not familiar with this company at all.  And given that I have been doing the gluten-free thing for almost two years now, you would think I’d know of every brand out there.  But, this was not the case.  It’s a good thing I like surprises.

RP’s Pasta founder and owner Peter Robertson, was approached by a long time customer and friend who was upset because she had to stop eating wheat.  Robertson felt that everyone should be able to eat fresh pasta set out to develop a recipe of equal or greater quality of the regular RP’s fresh pasta.  It happened in 2008 and from then on out, RP’s began producing fresh gluten-free and wheat-free pasta that matched the quality of their traditional semolina pasta.

The main ingredients of the RP’s Gluten-Free Pasta are brown rice flour, potato starch and egg.  From there, they managed to work the ingredients to match the quality and texture of any high quality fresh pasta.  Along with making a good product, RP’s gluten-free pastas are produced in a dedicated wheat-free area to insure proper safety and no cross-contamination.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you…the following night, Sunday, I was ready for some pasta.

The product that I chose (because they had a few in the refrigerated section) was RP’s Gluten-Free Linguini.  It was so easy to prepare that I was able to get some vegetables sauteing, ready some gluten-free bread for toasting, prepare two salads, and get water boiling without needing an extra hand.  And, there was no real reason to have to time things around pasta that might or might not be done within the time stated on the package.  That’s the thing about fresh pasta…it literally only takes two to three minutes and you have pasta perfection.

RP’s Gluten-Free Linguini was awesome.  It was so easy to prepare too.  I just started some water boiling, pulled out the pasta and seaparted it as much as I could.  Then into the water it went for about 3 minutes.  Afte I drained it, I tossed it into the pan with my sauteing vegetables and a hit of the sauce I was using.  I stirred it around until all was mixed and coated.  Then it went into the bowls for serving.

One bite was all I needed to discover that this pasta was all I wanted from here on out (once I use up the stuff in my pantry, that is).  Nothing beats a good quality fresh pasta.  And that was what I was lacking after having to go gluten-free.  But not anymore.  I thought this pasta was beyond the quality of any of the hard shells and noodles that I’ve been having to purchase for any sort of pasta dish I want to create.  Never again.  The linguini was perfect al dente in 3 minutes.  It paired well with my vegetables and sauce.  I was beyond happy with the texture and the taste.  Honestly…the absolute best gluten-free pasta I have had in the two years I have been gluten-free.  I’m astounded and amazed and only wish I had known about this before now.

One serving of this pasta is 220 calories, which is pretty much standard for any pasta.  It has only 2 grams of fat and provides 47 carbohydrates.  The long distance runner inside me cheers for joy with that.  The sodium content is relatively low (539 mg) each serving.  And the taste and texture are unmatchable.  Trust me.  I have never been so happy eating a bowl of linguini than I was last night.  Even if the new sauce I used wasn’t good.  The noodles were the star and these really stood out and impressed.

RP's Pasta Company Gluten-Free Linguini (cooked and sauced)

RP’s Pasta Company Gluten-Free Linguini (cooked and sauced)


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