Terra Original Vegetable Chips get to the root of enticing, exotic snack chips

Terra Chips Original Vegetable Chips
Terra Chips Original Vegetable Chips

Product: Terra Chips Original Vegetable Chips – $3.49+

Everyone does potato chips.  And if it’s not potato chips…it’s corn chips.  But, really…when something has been done, just with different seasonings, it’s hard to really tell one chip apart from the next.  Then it’s just down to name brands or generic brands.  And, really, there isn’t that much of a difference.  More often than not that name brand company is making that generic brand.  That’s how it works!

But then…there are some companies that think outside the box…or in this case…the potato chip bag.  I’m talking about Terra.  Terra Chips created a mission statement to the customers that are seeking out a different sort of snack.  Their mission is to provide wholes gourmet snack food that is not only chef-inspired, but always made with 100% natural ingredients.  Talk about a solid commitment to quality.

But how does one dress up a simple potato chip?

In the case of Terra, chefs put their own spin on the most popular snack food in America.  And for the Terra Original Vegetable Chips…there is even a unique spin on something original.  Instead of just potatoes, Terra introduces a plethora of different root vegetables to the mix.  The Terra Original Vegetable Chips includes a variety of light, naturally colorful vegetables that add a little crunch, a little savoriness, and a little sweetness to each bite.  This particular variety of Terra Chips is a fantastic mix of sweet potato, parsnip, batata, taro and yuca.  All of them are fried in canola oil with beet juice concentrate for color, and salt for seasoning.

The result is an amazing bag of chips that has this amazing balance of flavors from rich, delicate, and nutty.  I love the way each vegetable tastes different and has a different texture.  Some are not as heavy as others, some have a bigger crunch.  It keeps the snack interesting and definitely entices the palate with each bite.

I have had great luck with Terra Chips.  Most of their chips are gluten-free and they are very good about labeling.  If you are interested in stepping outside the chip bag…I highly recommend giving the exotic line of vegetable chips from Terra a try.  Trust me…you will welcome the change and the variety of flavor you get with each bite.

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