Random Observation…

Something I discovered today…

I should never, ever, EVER skip morning coffee.  I had 2 cups of green tea…but it just wasn’t the same.  I do not function well without my coffee.

giphy (6)
I was having massive coffee withdrawal brain fog.  Which…in many ways is probably not healthy either…but I mean…I was making really stupid errors and doing really stupid things.  ALL THE STUPID THINGS!

giphy (7)
Now we know…and knowing is half the battle…

…but first…



2 Replies to “Random Observation…”

  1. I didn’t have coffee early yesterday – I was so OFF… I made a trip to Starbucks around noon & instantly felt better.

    1. You were SMART! I met up with a friend to discuss nutrition certifications and we met at Heine Bros. But…I went for another green tea. Silly me. Lesson learned. Funny how not having that coffee can just change the way you act, function, etc.

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