Wild about Wild Garden Traditional Hummus

Wild Garden Traditional Hummus
Wild Garden Traditional Hummus

Product: Wild Garden Traditional Hummus – $3.49+

This is one of the best inventions I have ever come across when it comes to simple, on-the-go food stuffs.  Hummus-To-Go squeeze packs from Wild Garden.  I spotted these at my local natural food store on a shelf and knew I had to try them.  So, I bought them.  And, then despite the plethora of gluten-free crackers in my pantry and closet…they have just sat there.

Rest assured though…I know this is a good product.  You know those amazing Go Picnic meals?  Well, the hummus and cracker variety of Go Picnic includes a Hummus-To-Go pack by Wild Garden.  And I devour my Go Picnic meals on a regular basis as I am usually on the go and this is far cheaper and less of a hassle for me to eat on the road than trying to find somewhere that can cater to my dietary needs.

So, while I have used the Wild Garden Hummus packs before…this was the first time I have used it in a way that is not the traditional way to eat hummus.

You see…I have gluten-free pizza crusts.  Are you following me yet?  Well…these gluten-free pizza crusts were sitting in my pantry and nearing their expiration date.  So, tonight after a morning of hard cardio at the gym, a day at the office, and then an evening 5 mile run, I was starving.  I also had received a beautiful pizza stone for my birthday last month from my dearest friend Judi, and I was ready to test it out.  So, after sprinkling it with some corn meal and setting it in the oven to heat up…I got busy on the pizza.

Not just any pizza though.  A take on my mom’s famous Tostada Pizza that I grew up eating.  Of course, in the years that have passed since I lived at home, I have not only become a vegetarian, but I also had to begin eating gluten-free.  So…this meant a few changes had to be made to the original recipe.  Instead of ground meat and taco seasoning, I opted for Trader Joe’s vegan and gluten-free soy chorizo.  This eliminated the meat portion of the dish and I didn’t need to invest in taco seasoning either.  The other change I made was that instead of refried beans (not all are gluten-free!), I used Wild Garden Traditional Hummus instead.  The rest of the recipe remained the same as how my mom made it.

So…while the pizza stone heated and seasoned in the oven, I took a gluten-free pizza crust (Rustic Crust, if you are curious) and spread one packet of the Wild Garden Traditional Hummus across the top of it.  Then, I topped it with some of the Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo and some green chilies.  Once the stone was warm, the pizza crust was place don top of it and cooked for about 8 minutes.  The edges were turning a beautiful golden color when I removed it.  The next thing I did was add some chopped onion, some tomato, and my vegan cheddar shreds to the top.  The stone went back into the oven for 2 minutes.  Once more out of the oven to finish it off with some organic spring mix lettuce that I chopped up.  One more minute in the oven and…viola!  A fantastic Tostada Pizza…vegan and gluten-free style!

Of course…the entire point of this blog was not to give a recipe, but share my thoughts on the Wild Garden Traditional Hummus.  Well…what can I say?  It worked beautifully in place of the refried beans.  Honestly.  It was the right creamy texture…but definitely a lot healthier and a lot tastier, in my opinion.  It served as the perfect base for the pizza (the sauce, if you will).  Paired with the rest of the ingredients, it all just meshed really well.  I was quite pleased with it as I wasn’t sure how baking it on a pizza crust was going to work out.

A tetra deli pack of Wild Garden Traditional Hummus
A tetra deli pack of Wild Garden Traditional Hummus

Wild Garden Traditional Hummus is simply made from chickpeas, sesame paste, water, sea salt, natural spices, and citric acid.   It is naturally gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and low carb.  This brand of hummus has no GMO’s, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and no trans fatty acids.  In addition, they are shelf-stable until opened and so good for you.  Rich and creamy with a mild flavor, these hummus varieties won’t take away from the food you are pairing with them.

I found the texture and taste to be preferable to the refried beans in the original recipe.  It paired well with the spicy hit from the soy chorizo and green chilies.  And the vegetables were a shoe-in for paring with hummus.  Not only are Wild Garden Hummus varieties great for dipping foods or topping off crackers…but it looks like they make a fantastic base for a pizza as well.

If you are wild about hummus and want to taste one that is packed with flavor and loaded without all the preservatives and additives, Wild Garden Hummus is for you.  I found the Traditional to be a fantastic, mild, creamy flavor that left me feeling satisfied and raving over the taste.  Wild Garden offers six flavors of their hummus, although not are all available in the to-go packs.

Whether eating at home, needing a snack, or on-the-go…pack some Wild Garden Traditional Hummus.  Pack in the protein, the nutrients, and the goodness of hummus done right.

And eat it in whatever way you can dream up…imagine…or crave.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Tostada Pizza (using Wild Garden Traditional Hummus as a base)
Gluten-Free and Vegan Tostada Pizza (using Wild Garden Traditional Hummus as a base)

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