The End of Physical Therapy…

12795160_984521021921_2703688938418183503_oA part of me almost tacked on the words “…for now” to my subject line, but I’m not going to look at this like that.

Today was my final session with my physical therapist, Katie, unless I need her in the future.  We’re now on an “as needed” basis, which is huge.  I’ve been tossed around to various physical therapy places…therapists…and types of therapy…all in the time span of a year.  And today…FINALLY…I have been officially…RELEASED!

My therapist put me on the treadmill again today (which is what she did during my first session with her) and filmed me running.  The differences are STAGGERING.  Angles, foot strike, the way I carry myself…it’s all normal now.  I no longer am babying the right leg/hip…I’m not treating it like my “Bambi” leg.  It’s strong…it’s getting powerful…and I’m finally running normally again.

THUS…eliminating (hopefully) the likelihood of another stress fracture or other issues brought on by imbalances.  I am…running well again.  I’m not where I was…I may not get back to there, but I’ve had a series of good runs lately.  No pain (which is HUGE)…and a little speedier than I thought was even possible.  I’m running hill repeats…regularly…and finally coming out of those okay.  I have two very different pairs of running shoes…to keep my feet strong.  And, for the first time in a very, very long time…I’m loving the way running feels.

This has been a very long road…and I’m going to do everything I can to keep this body strong, healthy, and happy.  This means I need to definitely give more attention to the things that my physical therapist insisted I focus on (and things that the book I am reading, Fit Not Healthy by Vanessa Alford have also touched on when it comes to pursuing running and running goals in a healthy way)…NUTRITION, STRENGTH TRAINING, CONFIDENCE, and SMART MILEAGE INCREASES!

All of which I intend to continue to strive to improve on.  I am not one to cut back on my calorie intake and my nutrition is pretty much on point, but there is always room for some improvement.  So, I am going to meet with my sports nutritionist in the near future and go over some goals and plans. My friend, Deana, has agreed to help teach me some strength training.  I’m a complete dolt when it comes to weights…I don’t think I challenge myself enough with them.  My mileage has been approved by Katie…so I know that I have that where I need it to be for now.  And, let’s face it, the confidence will come with every run that I can get through without pain.

So, I’m in a good place. And for the first time in a very long time, really anxious to get back out on the road and spend some time with all my runner friends, who I have missed SO MUCH this past year.

As for my goals…no time expectations or pace expectations.  I’m just happy to be back.  No pressure.  Just out there to enjoy each and every run.  I know they all won’t be good…and they don’t have to be.  But as long as there are more good than bad…then I’ll be right on track.

So…my journey begins again…

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