Looking back…and looking ahead…

I am, literally, a few hours away from entering 2015.  It is often a tradition of mine to lay out my mileage goal for the upcoming year.  I did this the past couple of years, surpassing my goal the first year…and falling short in 2014.  I had hoped to run 2014 miles in 2014.  Then, I was injured for about 3 months, and running wasn’t even an option.  So, with my final run of the year logged this morning in the bitter cold (my water bottles froze)…my total mileage this year came out to be 1543.86…leaving me exactly 470.14 miles shy of my goal.

I hate it when I don’t meat goals.  It’s aggravating and my perfectionist Virgo self doesn’t handle that well.  Not one bit.  This goal was definitely obtainable…until my foot was injured.  So, this year…I’m doing something a little different.

No mileage goals.  I can’t handle another year of disappointment should I, once again, fail to meet them.  Part of having goals is obtaining them.  In 2014…I just couldn’t hit the mark.  It was impossible when I was out for as long as I was.

Get used to disappointment, right?

The thing is…I’m not built that way.  This girl is a go-getter.  This girl is a fighter.  This girl likes results.  This girl…is literally falling apart these days.  Not physically.  But mentally.

You know that book PostSecret?

Well…I have my very own RunSecrets to share…

RunSecret #1
RunSecret #1


RunSecret #2
RunSecret #2


RunSecret #3
RunSecret #3


RunSecret #4
RunSecret #4


RunSecret #5


RunSecret #6
RunSecret #6

So…there it is.  A look into what has been rolling around in my brain as of late.  I’ve slowed down.  And, I won’t lie…this bothers me.  It bothers me a lot.  I feel like I lost quite a bit of fitness and endurance when I had to take a hiatus from running.  So…this coming year, I don’t want to set myself up for failure and disappointment.  So, I have a few simple goals in mind:

  1. Remain injury free
  2. Run the hell out of the Boston Marathon
  3. Try out a new distance
  4. Travel far and run there
  5. Eat better
  6. Train harder, but smarter
  7. Run with different people at different paces – challenge myself!
  8. Remember that can’t run like anyone else but me…so stop comparing my speeds against my peers
  9. Run a race on my birthday with some friends to celebrate going up an age division
  10. Have more confidence

Overall, 2014 wasn’t a bad year for me.  But it sort of just brought about new challenges and some very unexpected rough spots with my running.  But, there were high points too.  And I came out of 2014 with 6 marathons under my belt, bringing me to 8 full marathons total.  I became a Marathon Maniac.  I learned how to push myself to my limits in the Dopey Challenge at Disney World.  I deepened some friendships (you couldn’t even begin to know how much a text or phone call from my friend Kelsey would lift my spirits during my injury) both on the roads and off.  I discovered that marathon running slows you down.  I spent a few great races with some of my best friends cheering me on from the sidelines.  My grandpa finally got to come to a race and see me run.  I only wish I had been in better shape at that point (foot injury was not completely healed).  I ran a mile with my 8 year old nephew.  He’s amazing.  I ran a half marathon on a broken toe.

The difficult part leading into 2015 is going to be overcoming my fears and learning how to just focus on me and not compare myself to others.  I can only run as well as I can run.  I can’t run like anyone else.  What I have lost in speed and fitness…I will gain back.  It might be a slow process…but I’ll get there.  If there is anything I learned about myself in 2014 it’s that I’m tough…and I am determined.  I’ve just fallen a bit off track.  But with a little focus and a lot of self-control…I’ll get back to where I’m comfortable.  I might even overcome some of my fears.

For all of you who have stuck with me…thank you.  Here’s to a wonderful 2015.


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