Time to get my “I Think I Can” on…

I am a bit behind on blogging these days…but it just seems everything is spiraling into chaos at the moment.  I’ve been so busy.  And the main reason is…


Granted, I’ve run a full marathon and a half marathon only since my injury in July.  The foot did awful coming out of the marathon, but the half marathon…I felt great.  I needed that.  I didn’t race it…I ran with a friend…and I got to that finish line without having any issues with the foot.


That being said…no training has happened.  I took a full 2 weeks off from any activity after I ran Twin Cities…and slowly began to resume gym machines, swimming, and some mild cardio.  But not running.  The foot was hurting.  As it began to ease…I worked in a week of short 1 mile runs…

Then I was given a free entry into a local half marathon…so I decided if I ran easy and just focused on a run/walk plan…I could do it.  Besides, I sort of needed a double-digit run before hitting the streets of New York, right?  Well…it went well.  I’ll write on that more next week…

For now…I’m packing…doing laundry…and just getting things together because tomorrow…I am flying out to New York City because on Sunday…I am going to be running through the 5 boroughs.  I will also be taking pictures along the way.  I can’t run what I didn’t train for…so time to just take in New York.

On an interesting note, the 1 millionth finisher is expected to cross the finish line this year…around 4:00-4:10.  Hmmm…

Until then…THIS…is what keeps me super psyched.  Check it out…because I’ve been watching it every day to get psyched to run, run, run!!

Tell me that doesn’t make you want to run this marathon!!

GAH!!  Better finish packing…

2 Replies to “Time to get my “I Think I Can” on…”

  1. You can do it! ENJOY it and…because I’ll likely be too fried tomorrow night from helping mom with Christmas Festival prep to remember…….

    The power of Dean compels you! Don’t pants your poop!
    ;-D (((hugs)))

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