Another year of running down some dreams…


Oh my goodness!!

What a crazy year it has been.  I started off this year with a simple goal: run 1300 miles in 2013.  Well, that goal was easily reached because I met yet another goal this year as well…

I ran my first marathon.

And then followed it up with another marathon.

My other goal was to make it through the year uninjured.  I almost made it.  SO close.  The past two weeks I have been going without running due to Achilles tendonitis brought on by refusing to hop on a treadmill and going for a run while there was still ice and snow on the ground.  The uneven footing was enough to alter my gait enough to cause this bit of discomfort.  I am on the mend though.  Not being able to get out and run has been killing me…but I have supplemented spinning classes (I go at least 2 times a week), swimming (once a week) and some weight training in, all of which I intend to keep doing well into next year.  Because I love how strong these other activities are making me.

Do I have a goal for this coming year?  I haven’t really given it much thought.  Miles I always seem to surpass…races I run plenty…I think my main goal is to eat better, train better, remember to cross-train more, take some time to walk and see the sites that I might miss otherwise, work on speed, and just have a great year on the road.

SO much love and thanks to all my friends this year who have seen me through training, traveled to my races, cheered for me, cried with me, and pushed me beyond what I ever thought possible.  I have made so many new friends this past year and I know that I’m going to forge new friendships in this coming year.

So…here is to a happy, healthy, and healing New Year.

Thank you, my dearest readers, for sticking with me and offering advice, words of love and encouragement, and for pushing me to aim higher.

2014…I’m on the mend…and I’m ready to hit the road!  Let’s do this!

2 Replies to “Another year of running down some dreams…”

  1. congratulations on achieving your goals for 2013! i can only imagine what you have in store (once you really commit to it) and am excited to hear what you accomplish this year. happy new year!

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