One week and 10 hard-earned miles later…

January Running Challenges
January Running Challenges

I’m not one to set a goal and take it lightly.  I’m a fighter.  A pursuer.  A doer.

So, imagine my chagrin after declaring my 2013 running goal of running 1300 miles…and then heading out of town for the New Year…to be met with snow, ice, and roads that were not safe to run on while I was out of town.  It was still December at that point…but running in place (or sprinting around the island) in my friend’s kitchen was even worse than running on a treadmill.


But…my dedication to the Runner’s World Run Streak and REDD (Run Every Day in December) meant…I ran.  Even if it was running in place for  50 minutes to hit what would be 5 miles…all to simply get that run in.

Winter sucks.  I dislike winter.  I dislike it with a passion.  The cold weather is hard on my skin…and definitely not easy to get out in and run.  Oh, I’ll do it…I just don’t like doing it.  And if the roads are trecherous…it means the outdoor run has to move indoors.  This would normally mean a treadmill at the gym…but being out of town meant no gym.

So…my first run of January was done in my friend’s kitchen.  My second run…on a treadmill.  My third…I almost went outside for.  But the 19 degree weather turned me back around and pushed me back into the warm cloak of my apartment.  I also woke up with a migraine that day…so I endured my job at the office and then went over to the gym to pound out half of my required training run that day.


But this morning, I told myself to SUCK IT UP, CUPCAKE!  So…I layered up the running clothes.  Put on my reflective gear and blinking lights.  And I headed outside for my first official outdoor run of the year.  4 miles.  As it’s an early morning run, I stick close to home, so this is a 3-time out and back…but it gives me my mileage.  The darkness is a bit of a challenge, but I do have a light clamped onto my hat.  And the cold…well…it sometimes leaves me gasping for air…but it feels so good to actually move while running.

While I understand the need for cold weather, I am already looking forward to Spring.  These cold mornings are doing a number on me.  But I am going to do my best, on the mornings where it is tolerable, to take my run outside.  Because, when it comes down to it…that’s where I love to run.

Here’s to one week of working toward my goal.  Ten miles 4 days into it the year…not a great start…but not bad either!  Given the circumstances, that is…

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