Get a scoop of Milwaukee’s best ice cream at Babe’s Ice Cream

Babe's Ice Cream, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Babe’s Ice Cream, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Restaurant: Babe’s Ice Cream, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There are two certainties in life when I travel.  One is that I will find a pub to dine at.  The other is that I will split a banana split with my roommate.  Why?  Because that’s just how I roll, friends.  And a trip should always be accompanied by good food and an ice cream treat.  Worry about your figure another time.  Ice cream is to be enjoyed.

So, after a long day of seeing the running in a Quarter Marathon, hiking down to the beach of Lake Michigan, dining at a great pub, shopping, seeing the sights…it was starting to get late…and my roommate and I wanted a sweet, cold treat to mark the end of a fantastic day and put some food in our now hungry bodies.  Let’s face it…we earned it.

Before even leaving for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was already searching for our place to treat ourselves to a banana split.  When all was said and done, I settled with Babe’s Ice Cream on South Kinnickinnik Avenue in Milwaukee.  We ended up at a fantastic place.  Babe’s is family owned and operated, which is always a plus.  And they offer a high, fine standard of ice cream, which you can get by the scoop…or in a sundae treat.

For us…it was all about the banana split ($6.95).

With Babe’s banana split, you get to choose your ice cream flavors to go over your split banana.  We kept it to the standard…vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  Then you get to choose three toppings.  We once again kept it to the usual suspects: strawberry, pineapple, hot fudge.  And the whipped cream (made in house) can either be vanilla or chocolate.  We stayed with vanilla.  All of that topped off with three cherries.  It looked divine.

It was a hot day, so I quickly took pictures of the masterpiece and then, we raised our spoons and dug in.  Wow.  The ice cream was really good.  The vanilla was your standard vanilla.  Nothing special.  The strawberry was pretty good too.  But the star of the banana split was the dark chocolate scoop in the center.  In fact, it was the scoop that lasted the longest because my roomie and I were trying to savor that one.  Best chocolate ice cream I have had…anywhere.  And trust me, friends…I eat a lot of chocolate ice cream.  Especially when it is dark chocolate!  I don’t eat much whipped cream, but my roommate encouraged me to have a taste of the vanilla whipped cream.  That…was a soft, amazing bite.  Very creamy and amazing with the flavor.

We were totally impressed with Babe’s Ice Cream.  The staff was awesome.  They loved talking to us about where we were from.  Why we were in town.  And our obsession with banana splits.  A customer came over to take a picture of our sundae because she said her boyfriend claims pineapple doesn’t go on a banana split and she wanted to prove him wrong.  DUH!  The pineapple topping is a staple on a banana split.  Everyone knows that!!

The atmosphere was really great.  Very relaxed.  We sat there, talked, and enjoyed our ice cream to the fullest.  And when we left…we were full, content, and happy.

That’s what ice cream should do for you.  That means you’ve had a good ice cream experience.

While Milwaukee is the home of frozen custard, which is delicious in and of it’s own right, I encourage you, if visiting, to seek out Babe’s Ice Cream and treat yourself to one of their amazing ice creams.  Either just have a scoop or enjoy one of their signature sundaes.  In the end…you’ll find yourself a happier person who just enjoyed some of the best ice cream there is in Milwaukee.  Trust me.  It’s worth it.  Spoil that diet for one day.  It’s okay.

Babe's Ice Cream's Banana Split
Babe’s Ice Cream’s Banana Split

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