Maple Grove Farms Butter Flavor Syrup – How Sweet It Is

Maple Grove Farms Syrup
Maple Grove Farms Sugar-Free (and Gluten Free) Butter Flavor Syrup

Honestly, French toast, waffles and pancakes (of the freshly made variety) are never as good when they aren’t drizzled with that sticky, sweet topping of syrup.  They just seem unfinished.  Plain.  Not ready for consumption.  Yet, the moment a garnish of syrup is applied to said breakfast food of choice…it’s like the finishing touch.  And the finale is how delicious it tastes when you take bite after bite of it.

Growing up, I never liked maple syrup.  Never.  I’m still not overly fond of it, finding many varieties to be too sweet by nature.  And, many store-bought varieties have added sweeteners and sugar.  Even the sugar-free brands don’t always taste right.

Such was not the case with Maple Grove Farms syrup.  The first thing that, naturally, got my attention was that it was labeled gluten-free.  Bonus.  It was sugar-free.  Good.  And it came in not only a maple flavor, but a butter flavor too, thus eliminating any need to smother extra butter on a delicious gluten-free waffle or pancake prior to submerging said breakfast in syrup.  Since I was in need of a gluten-free syrup for breakfast, I decided to give Maple Grove Farms a try.

I wasn’t disappointed either.  The butter flavor is just right.  The fact that it is sugar-free means that it isn’t too sweet.  And, naturally it is low in calories.  When some breakfast foods already wrack up that calorie count, it’s nice to add flavor without totally destroying your allotment for the day.

Now…flavor.  Buttery and rich, this easily coats the breakfast of choice and fills your mouth with flavor.  It is smooth and not overpowering.  The syrup isn’t meant to be the highlight of the dish, merely a compliment of it.  And that’s what Maple Grove Farms managed with their sugar-free butter flavor syrup.  It’s delicious.  And I’ve run out to the store specifically for this syrup when I run out or run low unexpectedly.  It’s the perfect addition to a carb-filled breakfast, without being too much.  And that’s what makes this my favorite syrup…ever.

I promise, even if you aren’t big on syrup like me, you’ll enjoy this one!

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