I Did It All For The Gnocchi…

Adrienne & Co.
Adrienne & Co., Jeffersonville, Indiana

Behold! I bring you the epicenter of mouthwatering treats. Not just a bakery, but a café as well. Ladies and gentlemen…I offer up Adrienne & Co.

Located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, I probably never would have even contemplated stopping in at this little bakery. Except they are the ones who bake up the scones for the HobbKnobb Roasting Company, and on a whim one Saturday, I went down there to order half a dozen of them. While there, I spotted their menus for their café…and their prices are unbeatable.

Only adding to my surprise was the quality of the food.

My roommate and I went into Adrienne & Co. on Valentine’s Day for lunch, to escape the onslaught of mushy-mushy, lovey-dovey going around our office. It was the greatest escape ever. We opted for an Italian meal. She decided to give the spaghetti a try. Me? I went for the gnocchi.

The portion sizes were perfect. The service was awesome. The bread was huge…but cooked just right. The crust had just a little crunch, the center was soft. The pasta was cooked to perfection. And their signature red sauce was beyond incredible. We had a short wait for our food, but, damn…was it ever worth it!

My first bite of gnocchi melted in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how tender the potato-y bits of pasta were. I couldn’t wait to stab another piece with my fork, mop up some of the red sauce and have another go at it. This was food porn on a plate. None of that sauce went to waste either. While I’m normally not one who takes bread and mops up sauce, I did here. Every bit of it. Nothing went to waste.

And despite having a pleasantly full stomach, keeping with the Italian theme, my roommate and I each indulged in a cannoli. She had never had a cannoli before and now I think she’s hooked. The mix of mascarpone and ricotta cheese in the middle…the sweetness of the fried pastry around it…and the chocolate chips…just blended and only wetted my appetite for more.

It was a good thing I was full.

Cannoli from Adrienne & Co.
I’m looking forward to venturing back to Adrienne & Co. in the near future. Every Thursday they offer 9¢ spaghetti. Yes…you read that right…9¢ spaghetti from 5-8 p.m. Refills, by the way, are only $0.99 for more spaghetti if that doesn’t fill you up! The prices are reasonable. And I think the next time I’m there for lunch, I’m giving one of their grilled sandwiches and some soup a try. With a delicious pastry for dessert, of course. Go hungry…leave full.

The food is worth the journey. The atmosphere is worth staying for. And you will savor every bite and leave no crumb behind.

Gnocchi from Adrienne & Co.

One Reply to “I Did It All For The Gnocchi…”

  1. We eat at Adrienne’s at least once a week for lunch. There is not one thing on their menu that I’ve ordered…that hasn’t been wonderful. I usually bring a cookie home for my baby boy, and they are making his birthday cake this year! Great food, Great Service. Would recommend it to anyone!

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