Warm and Toast-y!

Toast on Market, New Albany, Indiana
Toast on Market, New Albany, Indiana

While I’ve already reviewed Toast on Market for their breakfast…I actually went there and enjoyed one of their lunches.

When I raved about their breakfast, the three egg omelet that I get every time I go there, I didn’t realize what a delicious treat I was missing out on by only limiting myself to fluffy stuffed eggs.

I returned to Toast on Market for lunch, and while breakfast is served throughout the day while they are open, I had a craving for some soup and a sandwich.  I ended up ordering the caprese grilled cheese, which included sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, a light basil pesto all sandwiched between two slices of bread and pressed Panini stile.  The grilled cheese comes with a bowl of their roasted tomato soup. 

The soup is ornately given a touch of class with a swirl of oil and basil.  The sandwich was oozing cheese and piping hot.  Once the soup was stirred to incorporate the basil oil, I took my first taste of it.  And while the texture was purely soup, the taste of it reminded me of a good pasta sauce.  It had that bit of smoky flavor, just begging to be poured over el dente pasta noodles.  It was good.  It was damn good!

I took my time, savoring each bite of the sandwich.  The cheese was mild, the tomatoes adding a bit of tang, and the basil pesto a touch of flavor.  I’d break off pieces of the gooey sandwich, dip it in the soup and savor the flavors together.  With the choice of cheese in the sandwich and the Italian flair to the tomato soup, it was a little slice of Italian heaven.

And it was gone far too soon.

With a name like Toast on Market, you expect and find great breakfast food there.  But this restaurant also delivers on flavor and on quality with their lunch menu.  The sandwiches aren’t just limited to grilled cheese.  They offer up a hearty selection of meat-filled options, and for the vegetarian…a veggie sandwich as well.  While those usually come with a potato salad, a pasta salad, or chips, one can substitute for either their tomato soup (I recommend this!) or their black bean soup (how very vegetarian friendly of them!) for only an extra $1.50.  The lunch menu also boasts a large selection of salads to choose from, which can also be substituted as a side with the sandwiches for an extra $2.50.

It’s this type of service, this type of food, and this type of atmosphere that keep people coming back.  And this is one of the reasons I continue to go there, and take people who come in from out of town with me.

It really is that good.

Caprese Grilled Cheese and Roasted Tomato Soup from Toast on Market
Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Tomato Soup from Toast on Market

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