A Toast to Good Food!

Toast on Market
Toast on Market, New Albany, Indiana

There is this little café in downtown New Albany, Indiana that I love to take people when they come into town.  Their hours are ideal for breakfast, brunch, or lunch only so it’s usually an early stop.  But the food has always been super good.

I’m taking about Toast on Market.  And the New Albany location is the satellite restaurant of the one that is located on Market Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

And this is one of my favorite places to go…and to take people.

I have yet to see any of my friends, who admit to being picky eaters, walk away without falling in love with this place.  The atmosphere is awesome.  The servers are all very friendly.  And the food…well, for me, the food beyond fantastic.

I have yet to find a place that makes a fluffier omelet.  And you can build your own if you don’t feel adventurous enough to try the South of the Border, Mediterranean, or Atlantic.  If you don’t want the garlic aioli sauce on your BLT scramble…no problem.  If you don’t want “all that stuff” in your French toast…hey…they’ll be more than happy to serve it to you with only what you want.  No request is too big, too small, or too weird.  You get your food how you want it and that is a wonderful thing.

The fact that everything I’ve had there has been delicious speaks very highly of their products.  One of my friends tried the lemon soufflé pancake, one of their signature flapjacks, and now she’s hooked.  For the first time, I had their sugar-free caramel soy latte with my breakfast and it was one of the smoothest lattes I’ve ever enjoyed.

Toast on Market Latte
Sugar-Free Caramel Soy Latte from Toast on Market

If you don’t like your American standards for breakfast/brunch/lunch…well, maybe this place isn’t for you.  But don’t discredit it without trying it.  I mean, the menu has four different types of grilled cheese to accompany a bowl of tomato soup.  There are hot and cold sandwich offerings.  French toast, eggs, pancakes…served up with different flavors, different toppings, different…from anything you would get at Waffle House, IHOP, or Cracker Barrel.

Why go to a chain when there is a local business that serves up far superior food of better quality for a better price in a far better atmosphere?

Never again for me, my friends.  I’d prefer to eat at a local place.  Thankfully, we have Toast on Market.  And thankfully, they have the perfect ambiance and the perfect blend of food that blows those big pancake houses off my foodie map.

So…who wants to come into town to visit?  I know this great breakfast place…

Breakfast at Toast on Market
Wheat toast with apple butter, fresh fruit cup, and a 3 egg omelet with red pepers, tomatoes & spinach from Toast on Market

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