A Disappointing Weekend that went…NOWHERE…

On Sunday…my grandpa…my running inspiration…my road hero…one of my favorite people in this world…turned 95 years old.

I think everyone is aware of the computer outages that totally screwed over the entire flight pattern over the days that followed.  Unfortunately…this meant…my flights…

…to Minnesota…

…for grandpa’s 95th birthday.

A recent statement on Southwest Airlines Web site said:

The computer glitch which occurred last Wednesday resulted in a backlog of flights that stranded Southwest passengers all over the country. It took a while for the schedule to get back to normal because flight crews had to be rearranged and rested, according to federal safety regulations. By Sunday, Southwest was still cancelling flights, but not as many.

Here’s what I really think went down…

giphy (38)Regardless of what happened…it really screwed my weekend plans over.  I had been looking forward to this trip to Minnesota.  The entire family (well…minus my brother, his wife, and his kiddliewinks) was going to be there to celebrate the big day, which fell on Sunday.  I was making plans with my mom for cooking, making plans with my sister for shopping and coffee, making plans with friends there to have lunch, talk, run, hang out…

And then Southwest…oh…Southwest…you had to screw it all up.  You had to kill my weekend…dead.  Southwest…we are currently NOT on speaking terms…


It’s really disappointment.  I know Southwest didn’t set out to screw millions of people out of their travel plans and vacations.  I don’t blame the stranded/misplaced flight crews…

giphy (40)

….but, let’s face it.  It sucks.  Mightily.

I’ll give it to Southwest, though, they were willing to work with me.  First on Friday, after my flight all-out cancelled before I even left Louisville.  And then, again, on Saturday after the flight in Louisville was delayed…and the connecting flight in Midway was…yep…CANCELLED.  Of course, it didn’t cancel until after I would have been there, had I hopped that flight in Louisville.  So, making the decision to NOT fly on Saturday was not easy, but it was a good call.

Anyway…the Southwest people rescheduled without any problem, hassle, or extra charge.

giphy (41) And…in two weeks…I’ll finally get to go to Minnesota to see my grandpa.  Granted, it isn’t when the rest of my family is there…and it’s after the big event…but it will be good, quality time.  I already intend to do something birthday related for him while I am visiting.  I am SO looking forward to this!

That being said, Sunday went off well for Grandpa…who was surrounded by his children, some of his grandchildren, and most of his great-grandchildren.

Grandpa with Luella, Torin, Emery, Baileigh, Chace, and Landon – 6 of his 10 great-grand children!

I wish I could have been there!  But, I am looking forward to some extra one-on-one time with one of my favorite people on this Earth!!  See you in 2 weeks, Grandpa!!

And, Southwest, let’s not cancel on me this time, okay?  Because I will make a point to get to Minnesota this time.  One way or another…

giphy (42)
I much prefer to be INSIDE the plane though.  HA!!  See you in a few weeks, Grandpa!


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