Go A Little NuttZo This Spring…BIG SALE!

As many of you know, I am very proud to be an athlete ambassador for my absolute favorite nut butter out on the market.

It’s called NuttZo.  You might recognize it from the upside down label…or you might have spotted it in the jar that is upside down on the shelves.  NuttZo is awesome.  It was created by Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi, who counts both fitness and nutrition as an integral part of her life.  After she and her husband adopted two boys from the Ukraine who were vitamin deficient, she began to focus further on preparing creative, flavorful, and super-nutritious foods.  Out of this new determination, NuttZo came into being.  NuttZo is an Omega-3 powerhouse of nutrition, all blended into a delectable nut and seed butter.

NuttZo is non-GMO and organic.  And, yes, the price tag might make you think twice about adding it to your shopping cart.  But, rest assured, this is money well spent.  Because everything is organic, the price tag is a bit higher…but the quality of this nut butter is like nothing you have ever had.  Forget those commercial seed and nut butter…go NuttZo.

And…good news…

This week, NuttZo is holding it’s big Spring Sale!!!

Click on the image below and see for yourself why NuttZo takes seed and nut butters to a whole new level.  Fall in love with it and spread the NuttZo love!!

NuttZo Spring Sale!!

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