Update: Charleston Marathon Official Time

Charleston Marathon - Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston Marathon – Charleston, South Carolina

It’s no secret anymore…nor was it after runners crossed that finish line on Saturday…the Charleston Marathon ran…long.  Yes.  Long.  My Garmin showed me running exactly 26.69 miles when I crossed the finish line.  It has been all over the news about the marathon that went long when the lead car took us down the wrong road and added, according to the official measurements on the tangents, an additional .1918 of a mile to the course.  (Yep, I was almost exactly .5 over!  But you take the official measurement of almost .2 miles).

Anyway, the race directors of the Charleston Marathon have adjusted all of the finisher’s times to reflect what would have been had the course not gone long.  So, my new official time for the Charleston Marathon is:


I am very pleased with this result, as I was when I finished on the longer course.  I went into this race not to race it, but to use it as a training run.  Time on my feet.  No goals.  No must-hit time.  Just relax and run.  Magic!

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