Baby steps…into the new year…

First run of the year...slow and steady...with minimal pain
First run of the year…slow and steady…with minimal pain

Achilles Tendonitis.

You plague me.  You discourage me.  You dishearten me.  And you cause me pain.

BUT…I am on the verge of feeling better.  I’m doing so much cross-training these days to keep any unnecessary pressure off my tendon.  So, spinning has been a lot of fun to get into.  And it is teaching me to dig deep when I think I’m spent.  It makes the stationary bike (something I loathe) fun and enjoyable.  And the music is amazing.  I’ve been swimming more too.  Which was something I have been wanting to do more of anyway.  So, this gave me a push to get into the pool and work on that stroke.  I need to keep this trend up.  Loving that water…once I get acclimated to it.  And…strength training.  I had started doing it before, then stopped, but I’m back to it.  And have a great 30 minute workout that I do with weights and other workout equipment that is helping me build a stronger core.

All that being said…it’s been over 2 weeks since I last ran.  And the ankle/Achilles is feeling much better.  Some tightness still, but nothing debilitating.  So…on this frigid morning, I met up with my running group and decided to test it out.  Most of the runners were aiming for 8 miles or more.  I didn’t want to push it, and thankfully my friends Harry and Natalie were more than happy to do an easier and more deliberate 5 miles.  The cold weather is not helping my tendon feel any better.  Everything is just tight.  UGH!  Cold weather and I do not get along.  It slows me down…always.  I run so much better in the heat.  Let me sweat it out!

It was a good run this morning.  I had a great time with these two while we were running.  And after a mile or so, I forgot about how cold it was…up until we hit some pretty wicked headwinds.  It didn’t matter.  We were just enjoying the run.  And it felt so good to get back out there and hit the pavement.

All that being said…my ankle/Achilles twinged at me a couple times, but it didn’t flat-out hurt.  So, that is a good sign.  I have been icing it on and off today…which is helping and I’m about to go do some stretches and get all the kinks worked out.

But…wow…I totally needed that run today.  More than I even knew!

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