Windy with a chance of humor…

Battling an invisible opponent
Battling an invisible opponent

You know…I used to check the weather religiously when I would wake up in the morning.  All last winter and throughout this summer, the first thing I would do upon turning off my alarm would be to roll over and check the Weather Channel app on my phone and make a judgement call about wardrobe and the like.

I seem to have fallen off that system.  I don’t even bother checking these days.  I can’t explain the change…I just…don’t.

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I laced up my Adidas Boosts (random brand plug!), threw on some shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt and went out for a run…aiming to hit my mileage with some negative splits.  I set out…and am immediately slapped with one of the strongest winds I have run through in a long time.  And, of course, for the long uphill…the wind was blowing toward me.  Headwinds suck.  And whenever I do find where I’d have a tailwind…the winds seem to calm.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor when it comes to runners, I think.  But…it’s all good.  I embraced the added challenge of a bit of resistance during the run this morning.  And I hit my miles and my negative splits.  It wasn’t pretty…but it happened.  I can only imagine what some of those drivers were thinking as they passed me fighting 16 mph winds this morning.  I probably looked like I was running in place when those gusts got strong.  Nature’s treadmill is a strong headwind.  Trust me.

All I could do was laugh.  And I was laughing a lot.  It was, actually, just what I needed in a run.  A strong wind to make me fight for it and dig deep…but still find the humor in the moment.  I love laughing on my runs.  I don’t often find a reason…but this morning gave me the perfect opportunity.

Moments like that make these solitary runs a lot more enjoyable.  Live in the moment.  Fight an uphill battle against a strong opponent…and win.

Find your strong…believe the run…

And don’t forget to smile.

And laugh.

It sure makes the miles go faster! Even if you’re running straight into a 16 mph wind…

One Reply to “Windy with a chance of humor…”

  1. I can relate to this post. I saw 48 on my phone’s screen and thought OH that’s easy. The wind made it feel like 30! I only had 2 miles so it wasn’t too bad.

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