The sun will come out tomorrow…

Skin Cancer Awareness
Skin Cancer Awareness


It all happens tomorrow.  Bright and early.

7:00 a.m. at my dermatologist’s office.

I will get the basal cell carcinoma removed.  Hopefully for good.  Once they are sure they have it all, they will schedule me for a follow up appointment in a few months.  I’m nervous…I’m stressed…but a part of me just wants this to be done with.

They are also going to look to make sure they don’t see any other spots.  Here’s hoping I walk out of there free and clear of skin cancer.


Good thoughts are appreciated.  Ice cream too.  Ice cream is always appreciated.

And once again, I offer this friendly reminder to all my friends who spend a lot of time outdoors.  Wear sunscreen.  Wear a hat.  Cover up.  A little bit of prevention takes a whole lot of worry out of life.  And a life with less worries and less stress is a much happier one.  Be careful out there in the sun, my friends.


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